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Chapter two

It’s the first day back to school since the summer holidays. There had only been six weeks, but to Ashleighn, it feels longer. She dislikes the long breaks from school, she would much rather have shorter weeks off but more of them in the school year.

 She has spent a lot of her summer playing football, either with her brother Jamie, or entering in competitions with her team. Over all it was five they had entered in, they had won two, came second in two and third in one.

 Ashleighn plays centre forward, usually alongside Abigail who plays on the left. It has been her favourite position since she was little. They play in the colour red, with the numbers printed on the back in black. Ashleighn’s number is ten, it is her lucky number and Lionel Messi, her favourite player in the world also wears that number.

 In some ways it’s been him who has inspired her to work hard at it, making her want to get better. She wants to be able to play at that level of perfection, so she will always push herself that one step further, hoping that one day someone will notice her.

 The remaining days in the summer when she wasn’t out playing football, she spent with Rachel. Most of the time they had ended up just relaxing at the pool, or shopping in the city, Ashleighn wasn’t a huge fan of shopping, but Rachel always found some way to make it enjoyable. One weekend they had gone camping.  The weather before had said it would be warm with sun, but they ended up spending most of it getting wet by the rain.

 The first day back to school is continuously the worst, for it’s the day when you got your new timetables, new classmates, and have to spend the first two hours stuck in form listening to the teacher going on about the new school rules.

 Ashleighn leaves her hair down, allowing it to fall past her shoulders. She doesn’t wear any make-up only lip gloss. Her white blouse is tucked into her skirt which is just above the knee, she wears her black V-neck jumper over her blouse, and the blazer over that.

 Rachel knocks on the door, as Ashleighn grabs her bag.

 “Ready?” Rachel speaks whilst fiddling with her hair.

 Rachel has blonde wavy hair, just below the shoulders slightly shorter than Ashleighn’s.  Her eyes are a grey misty colour, and lip a pale pink. She isn’t overly tall, but she is taller than Ashleighn.

 Un-like Ashleighn, Rachel wears make-up. She never goes anywhere without it. Rachel’s not the type to wear loads, just a little bit of: mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, lip gloss, and a light foundation.

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