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image by yibiart @ tumblr (I let her pick the hairstyle, because I never decided what I wanted his hair to look like. Still dunno.)

Name: Jay Stacks

Quick Facts:

Age: (when he first appears in OSL) 18

Birthday: September 21

Ethnicity: Mostly white with a bit of Aboriginal Canadian on his mother's side (I debated over this for a loooong a$$ time, so it might still change in the future) 

Height: 5'10" (178 cm)

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: (as of the end of SfM)Bisexual, biromantic 

Hobbies: Playing video games, watching Netflix, hanging at the club, drinking alcohol

Favourite food: Quarter pounder hamburgers with The Works as toppings

Least favourite food: Green vegetables (except the lettuce on that burger)

Fashion style: His staple is a graphic tee. Overall style is some cross between punk rocker, hipster, mainstream millennial, and lazy gaming nerd (which way it leans more depends on the day and destination).

Little known facts: Is left handed. Once had a tongue piercing but found it annoying, so he removed it after a few weeks. Whenever he thinks he may be losing his nice body, he'll go through a period of lifting weights and working out (but he's lazy, so it's not a regular thing). 


Family: Jay's parents are planners. So Jay was totally planned, as well as his sister. His parents are also self-made, meaning they didn't come from wealthy families and their money is all from their own effort. Because of this, they are rather money-wise. When they spend a lot of money on something, it's something they will get years or a lifetime of use from. They've raised Jay and his sister to have the same frugality, but don't control their kids' spending. They aren't neglectful parents, but they also aren't super involved now that Jay and Ashley are older. They have a good balance of hands-on, hands-off parenting (though some may find them too liberal). They did discover Jay was smoking and they advised him not to and said there'd be consequences if they ever witnessed it, but they left it up to him after that. They knew he was drinking but didn't think they could stop that, so they just told him about doing it responsibly. Same when they discovered he was having sex. Most of Jay's secrets getting out are thanks to Ashley snooping and trying to get him in trouble. She thinks it is unfair how much more leeway they've always given him (e.g. letting him sleep around with god knows who but requiring Ashley's male friends meet them, giving her an earlier curfew, etc.). But their excuse is that he's older and that Ashley is a girl. Jay was very disappointed when he found out he was getting a little sister rather than a little brother. He tried to turn Ashley into a little brother―calling her his little brother "Ash", giving her his toys, putting her in his clothes, lying that her pen!s would come in later... Their parents didn't really know what to do because Ashley seemed to like it (in actuality, she was just a toddler happy to be getting positive attention from her big brother) but they still called her she and their daughter. When Ashley got to preschool, she realized she was a girl, and she and Jay have been bumping heads since then.

Youth: Jay was actually not a kid who misbehaved really. He wasn't wild and uncontrollable, but he did sometimes get in trouble for cracking jokes in the middle of class. In his early teen years, he thought musicians got more girls, so he tried to learn guitar. He stopped attending lessons because he was bored with the uncool songs they wanted him to play. He tried to learn on his own, but gave up. He also went through a skateboarding phase before he decided he'd rather skateboard in 2.5D form on the PlayStation.

Education/Career: Jay grew up expecting to take over his parents' furniture business one day. When his parents told him he could do whatever he wanted, he had no other aspirations so said he was fine inheriting the company. Math and art have been the only subjects where he got excellent grades. The rest were good or average. He always disliked reading and was the type of kid who for English class would just watch the movie adaptations.

Love life: As long as he can remember, Jay was very interested in girls. He also had his first girlfriend at 5 years old. He lost his virginity in middle school at 14. He had a crush on one of his female friends in grade 9, but she friendzoned him. She later changed completely and became really preppy and snobby, so he stopped liking her. One of his friends and some other person he knew got STDs which freaked him out, so he's been generally vigilant about using protection. Still, because he has done it while drunk, his rate isn't 100% so he is lucky he hasn't contracted anything. Or helped produce any babies (as far as he knows, anyway). So, because he liked girls so much and never felt any attraction to guys, he assumed he was straight. He had been curious about what it'd be like to kiss a guy when he was around 14. But he wasn't curious enough to try it. Especially when girls were plenty satisfying. He was always a flirt and his girlfriends didn't like that. He found it annoying how they got all clingy and then decided relationships were pointless when he could be feeling up whoever he wanted.

Friend (he has other friends, but Riley is his closest. Except for Alex, but to avoid SfM spoilers, I'll leave him out. I'll also leave out Tony because no one gives a sh!t about him):

Riley: Tony was Jay's best friend until Riley came along. Although he liked Tony and they got along fine, he felt more comfortable around Riley. More in sync, if that makes sense. They also have some similar mannerisms, so they meshed well.


If you have any more questions about Jay, ask in the comments and I'll do my best to answer!

Anyone else's bio you want to see? Just so you know, the only other person I could make a full one for is Alex. Anyone else's would be patchy, but I'll do my best. 

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