Chapter 1

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Supergirl's pov

"Hey! Get up!" It was Robin. I fell asleep on the couch after watching a movie. He was trying to get me up so we could go on patrol with Batman. He never wants to go without me. " Lets go! You need to get ready right now or Batman leaves without us!" I quickly change with my superspeed and we're out the door. "What took you so long?", said Batman. "Sorry I was asleep on the couch." I replied. He's always in a rush when it comes to patrolling Gotham.


It was cold out and I forgot to bring something to warm my hands. "Hey, Supergirl? Do you think that there is something off with that guy?", asked Robin. "Yeah, it looks he is holding something in his pocket." I use my x-ray vision to investigate. "It looks like he has a gun and he's heading towards .... the bank? Wait! There's more guys arriving there too. They all have guns! I think they're going to hold some people hostage. I recognize those suits they must be Jokers goons!", I replied. "Thanks for the update Supergirl.", said Batman. Did he just thank me?! Wow I guess he's in a good mood. We head down to see what they're up to. I hear a sudden click of a gun behind me. I turn and boom sounds off the next thing I know is hearing the cold chilling laughter of the Joker. And feeling a hand grabbing mine. "Supergirl! Don't you leave me!" Everything went black.


I was running. I didn't know why and what was happening. I looked down at my hands there was blood all over them.
There was sirens in the distance then I realized that I did something horrible. Then a figure of a boy appeared in front of me. "Look at what you have done! You've killed Batman! YOU'RE A MONSTER! I KNEW I SHOULDN'T HAVE TRUSTED YOU! YOU'RE JUST AN ALIEN THAT SHOULD BE KILLED!" ,the boy screamed. I recognized that voice it was Robin. "I don't know what's going on let me explain ,please!" , I said. Then everything went black again.

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