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So for those of you who don't know and probably the people who never read my authors notes or little notes at the bottom of the chapters, this book is coming to an end. Maybe not an official end but for now an end. I'm going to be officially publishing this rewritten book after I graduate high-school. Yes, it will be published worldwide and will be available to buy on Amazon. I'm going as far as I can for this book because this book means everything for me and I absolutely love working on it.

And yes, this book WILL be rewritten before publishing takes place. But you'll be able to get the published version on here as well because I'm really just going to be rewriting it on that app first. As soon as I find an editor for my book that can help me more, it'll officially be published. Yes I do have big plans and I always plan ahead of time. Trust me, this isn't the last of inquisitive.

So yeah, I just wanted to inform you guys on my plans and more chapters will be updated soon as well. Ik I am still rewriting this book so those of you who are already ahead because remember we stopped at chapter 51, the book is coming to an END. For the people who are currently on chapter 21, this book is just the beginning. For those of you who remember, the main characters name used to be "ZAYAH" which, new readers, is why a lot of people in the comment section has been confused lately. It is now "ESTELLA" and yes, the plot of this book is totally different than what it was back in 2015. Please don't be confused people. If you are an ahead reader, you can still re-read the chapters I'm currently rewriting just until they are all done. Once I'm done, I'll be posting them all back in order and on the same day. Hopefully I get done before school starts again. :)

Give me more ideas you'd want to see in this book. xx



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