Chapter Forty Four: Work

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To avoid confusion, I want to point out that "nursery"="daycare". Both are mentioned in this chapter, and later on in the story.


"Where did you hear about this place?" Tom questions.

"From Tony."


"Anthony? The guy I met at the park a few weeks ago."

"Right. Why does William need to go to nursery?"

"We've gone over this. Why do you need to go to work?"

"Because I love my job," he frowns.

"And why do I need to go to work?"

"Because you love your job."

"Exactly. So, in conclusion, why does William need to go to nursery?"

"Because we love our jobs more than our son," he grins.

You roll your eyes and hit Tom's arm. He chuckles and kisses your forehead.

"How about we skip work today, and we can spend the day in bed?"

He grabs your hand and pulls you toward the bedroom.

"Mm. Thomas," you smile. "Don't tempt me."

He grins and leans down, placing his lips on your neck. Slowly, they make their way to your collarbone. A moan escapes your lips and you try to pull away, but Tom is holding you too tightly.


"Hm?" Is all you can manage.

"I'm serious."

"No you're not. You say that now, but in ten minutes you'll decide that you can't skip filming."

He sighs and pulls away from you. Sometimes, you hate his perfect manners, and, occasionally, you can tell that he feels the same way.

"Do you want to come with me to drop William off?"

"I can't," he sighs. "I need to get to the set soon."

"Okay. I'll see you later."

You raise yourself onto your tiptoes and kiss him gently. He moans quietly.

"Are you sure we can't just go back to bed?"

"I'm sure," you smile before picking up William and heading toward the door.


"Billie? Hey!"

You turn to see Anthony and his son walking up to the brick building.

"Hi, Tony," you smile. "Hi, Evan."

"Hi!" The little boy smiles broadly.

"So I see you took my advice and went with this daycare. Good choice."

"Yeah. I did some research, and this place comes highly recommended."

"Told ya," he grins.

The two of you continue walking toward the front doors of the building.

"So, I'm guessing you got a new job," he says.

"What makes you think that?"

"You're dropping your son off at daycare."

You chuckle. "Good point. Yeah. Tom's doing some filming in town, so I finally get to work with him again."

"That's great. Is he gone a lot?"

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