Victoria Strauss’ life is perfect. She has her adventurous friends, her pain-in-the-butt brother and of course, her loving boyfriend. But when she learns that her boyfriend is cheating her on Valentine’s Day, she swears never to love again. 

One month later, Ian Jones walks inside her life and makes everything clear again. He help her to stand up on her own again. When everything seems good and clear, a dark realization dawns to Victoria – a realization that is connected on Ian’s past. 

She had made the wrong turn at the past by loving Lance. Would she take another wrong turn by loving Ian?


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The title of this story was originally "The Story of Us" but then I changed it into "Another Wrong Turn?" So if you notice that some banners had "The Story of Us" then... you know why's that. :) Okay, that's all! Go on and read...

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