Chapter 29 || ...and the Devil Takes the Hindmost.

It's been a week since Marissa had attended our school and I didn't have the chance to talk to Noah. I would lie if I said I tried the hardest I could but I did try. The truth is that I didn't know what to say to him and how to start even start a conversation. Kyle was right when he said that I don't know what I want.

I'm such a coward...

In the beginning all I have done was throwing cynical comments at him and now I cannot even start a conversation with him, especially not when Marissa is with him. It's either all in my mind or they spend every minute together and I even sometimes have the feeling that she spends more with Lizzie and Paula. It probably seems like it because I'm not used to Marissa, being around all the time.

Anyway, I need to do something about Noah and I think that Paula would probably the best person to ask for advice on what I should do. I reached to my desk trying to grab my phone.

You must know I'm a pretty lazy person which means I did not stand up like normal people would but instead the lower part of my body was still on my bed, while the upper half tried to reach for the phone. I must have looked utterly ridiculous but there was no one who could see me so I didn't really bother.

I dialled Paula's number and it started beeping.

"Hello ?", her voice was barely intelligible due to the voices in the background. Where the hell is she ?

"Hey, Paula. Can we talk ?"

"I'm sorry, I can't", she tried to raise her voice but I still couldn't hear her. "Marissa asked us all to go to a sushi restaurant and since you do not like sushi I didn't ask you to come with us."

"Ahm.", was all I could respond. Why didn't they just choose something I'd also like to eat ? That does sound a bit selfish but I would never go to a restaurant with them although I knew that Paula would not like the food there. Am I wrong ?

There are two options: either they were already together and Marissa proposed it which I would find very weird because we usually never meet without anyone of the group purposely or she texted them but not me...

I might be overthinking but this is very unusual.

"Oh I didn't know you guys met.", I said, trying to find which one of these two options might be the right one.

"We didn't. Marissa texted us and she wanted to text you two but I told her that you don't like sushi. I'm sorry, I have to hang up, Sofía. See you at school."

I didn't even get to say anything because her voice disappeared immediately. What the actual...?!

After a few minutes, I decided to call Kyle because he was the one who was suspicious right from the beginning on.

"Holaaaaaaa.", Kyle shouted in the receiver, causing me to almost drop the phone.

"Kyle ! What the hell ?!", I shouted back laughing.

"I'm just trying to appreciate Latin American roots.", he chuckled. "Why'd you call ?"

I told him about the weird phone call I had with Paula a few minutes ago. His reaction was not really surprising...

"I told you Marissa is up to something !", he exclaimed.

Sometimes Kyle is a bit like one of those weird conspiracy theorists. Once he has a weird idea or theory about something or someone, he goes all crazy and does not let loose until he is proved wrong. The unpleasant thing about it is that almost constantly right with what he is saying...

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