Hey everyone... I'm having a writers block... I have no idea in what to write... Dramas? Dates? How about Beth, Aaron, Lucy and Ben double?



"I need to talk to you in person." he said nervously.


"Oh... Um... Why?" I asked

"I'll tell you when I see you, okay Gem?"


In the background, I heard someone say, 'times up'

Then the line went dead

Chapter 24:

Lucy and Aaron decided to take me back to school. They said I looked pale.

I spent the rest of the day lounging around, on YouTube, looking at new gymnastics moves. At ten to seven, my phone beeped with a reminder.

Date with Ben :) <3 <3

Oh right. I gues we weren't going out. Sadness, depression, dissapontment, were only some of my feelings

At seven, I got a text from Ben.

*Hey Gem, so sorry tht we cnt go out 2nite :( cn I make it up 2 u nxt wk? ;)*

Aww he was thinking of me

*Hey* I didn't know what to call him... Hun? No. Too... I don't know what. Bf? Nah... Too possessive.

I think he got bored of waiting for my reply, or,maybe he thought I was blowing him off,or maybe... I don't know... Sometimes I think I over think some situations... Maybe this is one of them...

*Gem? Gorgeous? U stll up 2 nxt wk?*

*Hey. Yeah. Sure :)*

*Yay. I'm doing a hppy dnce in my head :)*

*:)* that was all I could think of saying


"Hey, you okay? Beth touched my arm.


I pushed my food around my plate, not hungry. I was waiting for eight o'clock. That was when Ben came back.

"I'm going to our dorm" I mumbled. I pushed my chair out and out my plate on the trolley, still full of food. The lady looked at p, eyes filled with concern

"You alright honey?"

"Yep" I said, my eyes on the floor

I half ran, half walked to our common room. I pulled out my iPhone. 7:46. Fourteen minutes. I sank down into a chair. People began to file into the warm room as time went by.

My mind went into overdrive in those fourteen minutes. At first it was positive thoughts, then negative ones began to mingle in with them. More and more negative thoughts came in, and soon they were negative thoughts after negative thoughts.

When eight o'clock came by, I was a nervous wreck. He didn't come. I checked my phone. 8:13. Maybe he... I honestly couldn't find myself a real excuse.

Beth poked her head in. She had a massive grin in her face. She grabbed my arm

"Come on!"

What? Where?

"Huh? Where are we going?"

"You'll see" she said mischievously

"But what about Ben? He's supposed to be here"

She didn't say anything, just continued to lead me through the school. She stopped at a small classroom. I think it was room 72. I don't know. It was too dark to see.

"Go!" she pointed to the door

Confused, I turned the handle. I was still looking at her when the slight smell of roses hit me. I spun around, slowly. To see...


That's it. I'm leaving it there :) Whats in the room? Why was Beth so mysterious? What are they doing out at this time? Where's Ben?