Chapter 5

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Ron's POV

Even after the guy had left, Malfoy had tried to keep the fight going, but George walked towards them, "You got all your stuff? Mum wants us to be ready to go to Kings Cross soon."

"I wish, but we only bought our books yet because we ran into Draco and the three of them started fighting!" Hermione sighed.

George laughed, "Oh, sorry for interrupting the fight, was it a good one?"

"Your going to make us even more late George Weasly. We'll go get the rest of the supplies now," Hermione pulled Ron and Harry away from Malfoy and George.

Ron never thought that it would be possible to get all the items on the list this quickly before. Hermione kept on urging them to find the stuff as fast as possible and would say the time out loud, whenever they would pass a clock. Finally, with their arms full of potion ingredients, books, and many more things, they found Mrs. Weasly waiting for them, "Time to get to the station dears, Mr. Weasly will be waiting outside to bring us there."

Kings Cross station was packed with muggles as usual, so they had to push through the crowd with their luggages to platform 9 and 3/4. Mrs. Weasly gave Ron, Ginny, Hermione, and Harry all hugs and wished them good luck, "You've all grown so much over the years," she wiped a tear from her eye, " I hope you have a wonderful year at Hogwarts. "

"Last year for you three and your catching up, Ginny! Have fun kids, it's a true privilege that you get to go for another year," Mr. Weasly grinned and patted Ron on the back.

They ran through the barrier between platform 9 and 10. When they got to the other side, Ron looked up and saw the Hogwarts express sign above him. There was a scarlet steam engine, which was already starting to get filled up with students. George looked at it longingly, "I wont be getting on that again. I remember when I first met you, Harry. How we helped you with your luggage and saw your scar." Ron knew that by "we", George meant him and Fred. It was still hard getting over the fact that Fred had died. He was so happy, always looking at the bright side of things, always cheering people up or cracking a joke. He realized that Hermione was calling his name, "Ron, let's get in so we can find an open compartment before they're all taken."

After walking around the train, they were able to find an empty compartment. They put their stuff to the side and sat down, Ginny next to Harry who was across from Ron and Hermione. They looked outside to see the three Weasly's waving at them, so they waved back.

"We still have about ten more minutes," Ron said.

"Then let's chat," Ginny laughed.

They talked about what they wanted to eat at the feast when they got to school and the cool new magic spells they might learn that year. They were joking about funny potion ingredients like cow toenails when someone knocked on the compartment door and slid it open. Standing on the other side were three people, one was a guy who was the shortest of the three, with dark brown curly hair. The other was a blonde girl with stormy gray eye. The third, Ron recognized, was the guy that they had seen at Diagon alley.

"Could we join you guys? This is one of the only ones that isn't completely full," the familiar one asked, "our other friends are in another compartment but it wouldn't fit all of us so we're looking for a new one," Ron was sure that it was him, he had the same American accent and the sea green eyes.

Harry also looked shocked but after a moment, realized that they were still waiting for an answer so scooted over towards the window, "Yea sure, we still have some space."

"Thanks guys," said the tall one, "oh, and by the way, I'm Percy. Percy Jackson."

"I'm Annabeth Chase, nice to meet you," the blonde girl sat down next to Percy who had seated next to Harry.

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