Hello guys...

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Okay so here are all my answers to your questions...

Remember : if you have to ask any more questions, do so on this update itself because I won't answer any more questions in the future.

Here we go ^^


milord_ali ---- Who is your best friend?

Well! That's a really difficult question to answer! I don't have one best friend because for me, I consider everyone my besties! When some of my best friends saw this question that you asked, well, I had already pictured the war which would erupt between them, so that's what happened!! So, I think you might already know why I can't say one specific person to be my best friend!! I have probably 5 to 10 or 12 besties! *I'm thinking hard right now! Gosh!* But to truly answer your question, my best friend is my mom! I think a best friend should be someone who understands you more than yourself and I think that person can be none other than my own mom!! #

milord_ali ---- What is your favourite TV show?

Well!! I don't watch television! I don't know why! It's just that I can't sit and watch television when sometimes there's nothing of my choice to watch! So, I prefer, Netflix where I could just watch anything of my choice! Also, being a senior now, I really don't have that much spare times! When I get some spare time, I would just read and update My New Neighbour for you guys!

asiah_2602 ---- At what age did you have your first kiss?

Hahahahahahahahahah this just made me laugh out loud! Well, I've never had a boyfriend! Stop! Stop! Stop! Before you start calling me names or whatever, let me just say something! I've never felt the need to have a boyfriend! I'm waiting for the right one! Call me a prude if you'll like but I just want to be reserved for the one who deserves me! Well, I'm not criticizing anyone of you guys, okay?! It's just my point of view! Having a boyfriend is not wrong!

kissme1001 ---- How old are you?

Well, I recently got 18 years old! OMG! I'm getting old!

kissme1001 ---- What made you write?

It's actually my mom! Since I was 3 years old, my mom got me registered in a library where I could borrow books! It's really funny when I think about that time! My mom would make me read two books ; one French book and one English book and me, what I would do, is that I would read the English one well and just go through the French one while pretending to read it! I just dislike French! So yeah, I grew up loving English more and more! Now, I just can't live without reading at least one book per day and it just got worst when I came across Wattpad! So yeah, I would always tell my mom about how one can also write books on Wattpad and one day, my mom just asked : Why don't you try writing a book then?? And I was like why not? *

kissme1001 ---- What do you want to be when you grow up?

I would really want to an author someday but I seriously can't decide yet!

ruchikariddhimapolu ---- What are your hobbies?

I love to read, cook, dance, sing and write! I also love to try new things even if I know it will be dangerous and all! I think that's all or there's more but my mind is seriously not working right now!

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