Chapter 17

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"What do you see in him?"

I lowered the box I was holding and stared intently at Daniel.

"What makes him so special that you chose to marry him?"

"What are you asking?"

Our gazes locked for the longest moment and I felt an uneasy feeling in my stomach.

"You've never done anything in haste or made any risky decisions regardless of what the reasons are. So why him?"

My mind went blank for a moment and I searched for words to fill the blankness around me.

What was I supposed to say? That wasn't exactly true? I didn't love Kerrick and he didn't love me?

"I don't know."

He laughed, shattering the tension between us and surprising me.

"I thought you would say something like that."

He ruffled my hair a bit, much to my protest and an ache formed in my chest when I realized how much I missed being around him.

"If you're happy with him, I can't complain. I only hope he realizes what an amazing person you are." He practically beamed from ear to ear as he spoke, oblivious to the truth.

"I know he might not look it, but he's more than he seems."

"If you say so. Though I have to wonder how he keeps up with someone like you, I mean you can be a handful sometimes." I gasped and punched his shoulder but he laughed, irritating me even more.

"Whatever." I mumbled before returning outside to join Victoria and Samantha, who were talking.

"Delancy, Sam and I are going down to Aubrey's for a while, are you coming?"

"No," I shrugged. "Kerrick and I are leaving soon."

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot."

Her eyes wandered over to Kerrick and he seldom glanced at her while looking around the place I grew up.

"Well I hope you guys come again really soon."

"I hope so too." I sighed.

"Okay we'll see you later then."

"Wait!" Daniel called running from the store. "Can I come with you guys?" He begged.

"No way! You're going to cramp our style!" Samantha sneered.

"Cramp? Our style is going to suffer a stroke!" Victoria added.

I laughed at Daniel's shocked expression though he only smiled at me.

"I'm glad that you at least still find me funny, Delancy."

"Whatever." I countered, trying to hide the fact that as much as I was excited when I saw them, I was also as sad.

"Alright, you can come but you better not pull any stunts like before."

"Don't worry I won't-"

"Daniel! Where are you!?"

He looked back at the store quickly then nervously turned to me.


"We should get going now, bye Delancy."

"Okay bye." I waved as he hurried away with Sam and Tori in toe.

My father ran from the store and looked around frustrated.

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