Chapter 26

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The Fellowship's boats pass through a canyon, Raiden & Miyuki flying above them. Boromir glances at Frodo's boat across the water. If Aragorn noticed the man's gaze, he ignores it, contemplating their next course of action. At length, the man lifts his head & taps Frodo on the shoulder.

Aragorn: "Frodo, the Argonath! Long have I desired to look upon the kings of old. My kin."

The Fellowship looks up in awe at the two majestic statues proudly stand on each side of the Anduin. Their left arms are held aloft, their palms facing outwards in gesture of warning. It was a splendid sight.


They disembark on a gravel beach. Boromir looks troubled & appears to be fighting a conflict within him, Frodo glances at him, looking afraid. Seeing the expressions on the man & hobbit's faces, Miyuki's eyes narrow. Not noticing the glances that passed between the three, the rest of the Fellowship begin to make camp.

Aragorn: "We cross the lake at nightfall. Hide the boats & continue on foot. We approach Mordor from the north."

Gimli: "Oh, yes?! It's just a simple matter of finding our way through Emyn Muil? An impassable labyrinth of razor sharp rocks! And after that, it gets even better!"

Pippin looks up, alarmed.

Gimli: "Festering, stinking marshlands, far as the eye can see!"

Aragorn: "That is our road. I suggest you take some rest and recover your strength, Master Dwarf."

Gimli: "Recover my...?! Phrrr..."

Seeing Pippin scared expression, Miyuki goes over & puts her hand on the hobbit's shoulder. Pippin looks at her & she smiles at him.

Miyuki: "Would you like to ride with me? Raiden & I will still be flying for a while longer."

The hobbit looks excited & nods. Legolas approaches Aragorn, a worried expression on his face.

Legolas: "We should leave now."

Aragorn: "No. Orcs patrol the eastern shore. We must wait for cover of darkness."

Legolas: "It is not the eastern shore that worries me. A shadow and a threat has been growing in my mind. Something draws near...I can feel it."

Legolas's gaze wanders over the dark pine woods, with a dark, brooding statue nestled amongst their needles.

Gimli: "No dwarf need recover strength! Pay no heed to that, young hobbit."

Merry, who had gone to gather firewood, returns & looks around.

Merry: "Where's Frodo?"

Sam, who was half-dozing, rouses with a start. Aragorn looks over the camp. His gaze stops on Boromir's shield, lying with his baggage. Miyuki stands, sword in hand, growling low in her throat.

Miyuki: "Foolish man."

She runs into the forest. After a moment, the rest follow.

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