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After the Earth Shook

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"Did you feel the earthquake around noon?" she asks.

Boss laughs. You cause an earthquake? You can't even make a woman's legs quake.

"Boss," Trisha and I call out. My face reddens as I reflect on my lunch break, back at Margery's warehouse. Half way through an egg salad sandwich, my head got dizzy and everything in the room rattled. I tell her "Sure, I remember the shaking, but that happens every six months or so from the hellhole getting closer to opening."

"This time was different. When the hellhole went the opposite direction and filled, it weakened a fault line in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains near Blanca Peak. A dangerous fallen angel was imprisoned there and he's been set loose."

I cough. Being blamed for the hellhole closing is bad enough, but releasing a fallen angel. "I am not involved with that?"

"At this point, it doesn't matters who did it." She turns up an evil grin. "The question is, what are you willing to do to help return him to his prison cell?"

Harvey returns. "Sucks to be you." He places a steamy ceramic mug of coffee on the table, then walks away.

The aroma sets my heart racing along with the realization that Harvey is right. I'm more than screwed. I lower my head and stare at the floor, wondering why she would ask someone under contract with Satan for help. And what happens to me if I tell her no?

Are you forgetting someone. This effects both of us.

I take a sip of the bitter brew, and when it burns the back of my throat, I touch my neck and turn to look at the mercenaries. A chill rushes over my spine as I'm lost in a vision of the guy's blade, hacking at my neck. I imagine my head flying across the coffee shop before a shiver brings me back to reality.

We could stay here until the heat is off.

"Boss, this isn't your choice to make," Trisha says. "Trust me, Pete, you do not want to end up like Harvey, serving drinks for thousands of years."

I dismiss Boss and shift in my seat. "If it has anything to do with turning me into one of your white warriors, count me out."

"I can respect that, but don't worry. That's not the offer I'm about to make you."

"Okay, I'm listening."

"The way I see it, no other courier has eluded me for as many years as you and Boss have. Plus, you're immortal with miraculous healing."

I cross my arms over my chest and glare at her. She knows couriers suffer worse than humans from inflicted wounds and losing our heads is a one-way ticket to Hell. Not to mention escaping her white warriors is a piece of cake compared to going up against Azael. "It's going to take more than your compliments and a courier's healing ability to convince me to chase down a fallen angel."

"C'mon, Boss." She bats her eyes at me. "Think of how much fun it'll be to go after a fallen angel with a hottie like me."

A tickle works its way from my gut down to my cock, telling me Boss is letting her stroke his ego. "Cut the bullshit," I tell her. "If you want us on your side, start with the facts. Like why would God's powerful army need me? Your white warriors are far more capable.

Yeah, why can't God do his own dirty work?

"It's a long story," she says.

I lean back, kick out my legs, and cuff my hands behind my head. "I've got all the time in the world."

"Fine." She turns her head to one side. "After the earthquakes, Azael stormed into my cave in Poison Canyon and took control of my warriors. He hacked off my left wing before I barely escaped.

Boss laugh so hard he snorts.

She turns back to face me with a deep frown. "There is nothing funny about having a wing ripped off."

"Sorry," I say with a smile, "but he is a demon."

"Do you have any idea how long it takes to earn a new wing?"

I stare at her expressionless and apathetic to her loss. "I'm sorry, but you're not convincing me to go after this Azael character."

"Azael unrestrained on earth means humans and demons lose free will."

Boss clears his throat. She's right. It's part of the reason God locked up the fallen angels around the time of the great flood.

"Then let God put him back in his prison cell," I say.

"If only it were that easy. Since his first escape back in the twelfth century, when the Templars accidentally released him, he's figured a way to elude God. He only makes himself known to humans, certain of my brethren, and otherworldly like us."

Pete, Azael is the only being besides God who can make Satan piss his pants. What I want to know is how the fucker continue to escape?

"No one, including God can figure it out. This is his fourth escape since thirteen eighty. No matter what new protections are put on his prison cell, he figures a way out, and with each subsequent escape he gains strength," she says. "But there is a positive side to this. We do know how to get him back in his cell."

My chest tightens and I hesitate to say, "Let me guess. It's what you want Boss and I to do."

She smiles. "There's a sword, created by the Templars. It's made from the spikes that held Jesus to the cross and the spear used to pierce his side. The sword can be wielded by humans and immortals like you, but it weakens angel's and apprentices like me. It's a sort of Angel kryptonite."

Fifty years she's been trying to destroy us. Now she wants us to risk your neck to fight a fallen angel. Fuck, get the sword and use it on her.

She slams her fist on the table. "You have one way out of this coffee shop with your head. If I can't trust you, I'm wasting my time."

Screw both of you, I think. Given a chance, I'd go back to Margery and prove I'm not to blame for this mess, but at the same time I have to be realistic that I'd never make it back to her warehouse.

Well," Trisha says. "What's it going to be?"

Don't agree to anything unless we get something in return.

"It's always the same with you demons." She sticks out her chest and bounces in her seat while she mocks,. "What do I get...?"

Look at those tits bounce. Piss her off some more.

She shakes her head. "What do you want?"

I pause, but the advantage I could get out of this deal comes to me right away. "Freedom from Satan and Margery for starters. I also want a safe house, where no one including you and those mercenaries can screw with me."

"Is that it?" She huffs. "Because you seem to think that I'm some sort of genie who can grant you three wishes."

Hey, what about me?

I tell boss to be happy I'm not asking her to yank him out of me, then say to Trisha, "That's all."

"Fine. Keep your demon under control, and you get nothing if you fail." She holds out her hand and we shake. "Finish your coffee. A car will be here shortly to take us to Sisters of the Divine Heart Convent. The priest there has the sword and is willing to help."

My gut drops with instant remorse.

Start growing a bigger set of balls.

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