Chapter 7

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Alphy's came back out 3 hours later. Sans was sitting on the stairs, nervous and worried about the results the whole time. He truly cared for Frisk like a daughter but knew he would just have to face it if she wasn't going to come back. Maybe though, he could RESET and change the timeline. Maybe he could re-live those memories and prevent himself from upsetting Frisk. 

If only he could...

He didn't want to continuously fight Frisk (Chara) and have to RESET each and every time, forgetting the past each time. However, Sans remembered every RESET. He was the most traumatized by the past when it came to the nightmares. He had finally had some peace until it spread to Frisk. They had taken over her mind, polluting it with darkness. 

"Sans!" Called a familiar voice. Sans gasped, turning his head to look up the stairs. Frisk...was alive...


She only opened her arms and giggled happily. Sans rose to his feet and slowly ascended up the staircase. When he reached the top he wrapped his arms around her tightly. 

"Hey Sans?"

"Yeah, babybones?" He asked before feeling a painful slice across his side that made him gasp. 

"Thanks for reviving me," Chara said, looking up at him. Her eyes were a blood red, the type of blood red that she sought out. "You're such a good friend. Frisk would be proud."

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