[5] Weekend Fun

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Adam's POV

   Max and I were gonna watch Netflix but then we argued over which show to watch, eventually turning into a fight.

   Max pushed me towards a wall but the weird thing was that the wall sounded a little... hollow than the rest, which was made of concrete.

   I knocked on the hollow-ish part and it seemed to be made of wood instead. I pushed it and it opened successfully.

"Wait here. If I don't come back in 30 minutes call the other guys." I instructed Max.

   I walked down the stairs and flicked the light switch. There was a long hallway with another stairway on the other side and halfway between the two stairways were double glass doors on either side. (You know what I'm bad at describing so here's a picture)

   The walls and ceiling were made of iron and the floor was made of oak wood

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   The walls and ceiling were made of iron and the floor was made of oak wood. The room at my left hand side seems to be the training room while the one on the right was the base of operations.

   I continued to the end of the hallway, went up the stairs and pulled the hidden door open. I was in the girls house.

I snuck behind Aph who was on the couch and shouted "WHEEEEEZY!"

She jumped. "ADAM! You scared me!"

"How'd you even get in?" Shelby butts into our conversation.

"Follow me." I told them and pushed the door open. We checked out the base and training room.

   The base had 3 different computer setups with any software we need, a massive TV, a bookshelf with some extra gadgets and a conference room table in front of the TV. The walls and ceiling were made of iron and the floor had some nice black carpeting.

   The training room simply had a rack filled with weapons in the corner of the room. The walls and ceiling were made of concrete while the floor was also carpeted, but with a brown carpet.

   The girls went back to their house and I went to mine. The guys were all waiting for me, I probably took almost 30 minutes.

"So what was in there?" Asks John.

"Just a way to get to the girls, our little base area and a training room." I told them.

Jess' POV

Shelby and I got back to the house when I heard my ringtone. "🎶 Baby there's a place where we can go, where it's always shining like the sn--"

I answered the phone and put it on speaker. It was Katelyn. "Hey Phe! Do you and Shub wanna come to the mall with us?"

I looked at Shelby and she nodded, excitement shining in her eyes. "Sure!"

"Great, meet you guys in front of the Phoenix City Mall in 15!"

   I changed out of my slippers into some black flats and grabbed my purse with my gadgets and phone in it. Shelby and I left for the mall with about 5 minutes to spare.

   The girls and I went to Forever 21 and bought a bunch of outfits. On the way out I wasn't looking so I bumped into someome. I looked up to see... Kai. I was blushing so hard.

"Oh, I-I'm so sorry Kai I didn't see you I'm so--" he silenced me by putting one of his fingers over my mouth. I felt my face heat up even more.

"It's okay, Phe." He told me, handing me my bags then leaving.

I faced my friends. They were all smiling widely. "What?"

"OOH gurl you know you like him~!" Coos Lucinda.

"Wha- N-no I d-don't!" I stammered.

"You soooo do!" Chirps Teony.

"Can we stop talking about this? Let's just go get some smoothies." I asked them. They agreed.

We arrived at the smoothie shop. The worker asks, "What would you like to order?"

"I'll have a berry blitz." Says Shelby.

"Tropical burst." Says Teony.

"I think I'd like one Kiwi-strawberry blend." Says Katelyn.

"Kawaii~chan would like one chocolate chip cookie smoothie!"

"I'll have what she ordered." Cadenza says pointing to Shelby.

"I'll have one kiwi-strawberry blend." Says Nicole.

"One chocolate raspberry concoction please." Says Emmalyn.

"I'll just have a chocolate smoothie." Says Lucinda.

"And I'll have an Oreo smoothie." I tell her.

"So two berry blitz, two kiwi-strawberry blends, a tropical burst, a chocolate raspberry concoction, a chocolate smoothie and an Oreo smoothie?" She asks us. We nod.

"That'll be $45.50." I pay her and we sit down at one of the tables.

"Phe you didn't have to pay for the drinks you know." Says Lucinda.

"Yeah but I'm feeling generous." I told her.

"So... you and Kai huh?" Asks Katelyn. I glare at her.

"We're just friends." I smiled.

Just then I saw the worker being bullied by Lily. "G-go away, Lily.."

"Oh Kim, what a loser you are. Working? Puh-lease! We're in high school! Now, get me a tropical burst."

The girl, Kim, did as Lily said and gave it to her. "This isn't what I ordered! I said berry blitz!"



"Y-yes, of course..."

Kim gave her the berry blitz. "Are you deaf?! I said a tropical burst!"


"The customer is always right~"

I stood up. "HEY! You over there in the ugly t-shirt!"

"Oh Kim, she's calling you~"

"She's referring to you Lily!" Exclaims Shelby.

"EXCUSE ME, this is an exclusive custom-made blouse!"

"Pfft, please. Our gym clothes look better than that." Laughs Katelyn.

Lily stormed off with her smoothie, not even bothering to pay. "Wait, Lily! You forgot to--"

I paid for all three smoothies she made. "Here, keep the change."

"Y-you didn't have to!" Kim exclaimed.

I smiled. "I know, but I wanted to. Say, do you study at PDH?"

She nodded. "Great! You can hang with us! Just look for us at lunch, and we'll be happy to welcome you."

   I finished my smoothie, so did everyone else. We did some more shopping until dark then went home. Today was fun, too bad tomorrow is the worst day of the week: Monday.

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