Chapter 11

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"Seduce him?" I repeated, shifting my weight. "How am I supposed to seduce a man that has had more boyfriends than girlfriends?" I asked and Damien gestured to where Eli disappeared.

"Wasn't he just about to give it to you like clockwork? Just do whatever you did before to get him like that."

Raising my eyebrows, I leaned my head to the side at his suggestion. "I sucked his dick last night and didn't let him come." Damien immediately cupped his crotch, his face contorting with pain as if it happened to him.

"Okay, forget what I said. Don't ever do that again. I've suddenly lost all sexual interest in you." He said, but then let his eyes drift over my figure. "Well, at least for now." I ignored him.

"Eli is bi, but barely attracted to females. I might have to grow a penis for him to bat his eyelashes my way." I told him, pulling at a loose string on my shirt. Damien's laugh startled me and I frowned. "What's so funny?"

"You're still thinking like a human, you poor soul. We don't have labels in our world. There is no such thing as straight, or bi, or gay. Sex is sex, whether it be with a female or a male." He explained, finally uncupping his crotch. "Trust me, Eli is very much so attracted to females."

"Then why was he only with males?"

Damien's dark eyes narrowed, but the smirk on his face remained. "He did it for you. As a human, you were a straight female, correct?" I nodded and he nodded back, leaning forward with his elbows in his knees. "Remember, until you and Eli fuck, you will automatically be drawn to and have sex with anyone Eli has sex with. So if he has sex with a female, then..." he trailed off, raising an eyebrow knowingly.

"Then I would end up having sex with a female, which my human-former human self would not have liked." I finished. Thinking about it now, I didn't feel repulsed at the idea. In fact, I was actually curious. But I understood what he was saying.

"Bingo." Damien clapped his hands together and leaned back. "Plus, assholes are tighter, so I don't think Eli was complaining. Now, like I said, if you want your memories, all you have to do is-"

"Damien." Eli's voice interrupted him and I looked up, taking in his serious expression.

"-rock the boat, rock the boat, work the middle, work the middle." Damien finished, standing up, and grinned at his brother.

"We need to go." Eli said, not sparing me a glance. I tried not to focus on the sudden tugging in my heart at his lack of attention.

"Where to?" Damien asked, his smirk fading at Eli's tone.

"I'll tell you on the way." Eli grabbed his keys and exited, leaving Damien behind. Damien glanced down at me and winked.

"Good luck. Make sure to..." he walked backwards, thrusting his his hips forward while pumping his hands up and down. He saluted and disappeared, white smoke curling in the spot he was just in.

For the rest of the day, and even the next, I didn't see Eli. He didn't come home once and I started to get worried, but then I thought about all that he had kept from me and all that I still have yet to know and my worry flew out the window. I started my new job tomorrow and I was definitely looking forward to it, even with this life changing demon side of me.

I still felt like a human, but that was probably because for twenty-four years, that's all I thought I was. But wait. Was I really twenty-four years old, or was that just what Eli made me think? If that was the case, then how old was he? Hell, how old were my parents?

I decided to pay them a visit, and since they didn't live too far away, I didn't take my car. Dressed in a plain t-shirt and jeans, I grabbed my wallet and keys and started the trek towards their house. It was a beautiful day, the wind blowing gently, with the sun warming my skin.

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