“Let me go!” I said when I felt my head spin.

“Okay,” Chase said and I let out a sigh of relief “On the count of three.”

“One,” they swung my body to the right “Two,” to the left “Thr—”

“Don’t you dare let me go!” I screamed at them. If they let go now, I’ll fly and when I land I’ll probably end up breaking something.

“You’re so confusing,” Paul said, frowning and I scowled.

“Alright boys, enough playing,” Coach Mathew finally said “Put her down.”

They pouted but eventually did as he told them. I stumbled when I tried to walk because my head was spinning due to all the swinging.

Paul immediately caught my arms and steadied me. I shot him a glare and he smirked.

 “Stupid,” I muttered under my breath, walking over to Mariah and Carson who were watching me with amusement.

“I heard that!” Paul called after me and I turned my head slightly to look into his eyes.

“Good,” I answered before averting my attention to the girls. I heard him chuckle and I smiled.

Did I mention how much I hate sports? Coach Mathew found my hate for sports extremely amusing. He kept on laughing at me the whole time and I gave him my best death glare but sadly, it didn’t affect him.

When he finally said the most beautiful words I have heard today, I felt so happy!

“You can go change,” he said and I suppressed a ‘YAY!’

I quickly changed my clothes and went back outside, waiting for the rest of the class.

“You know, Hailey, you should stop glaring at your teachers,” Coach Mathew said, smirking “It doesn’t have an effect on me. You’re just wasting your time by doing so.”

I pouted. “I thought I had an awesome death glare that would make people cry,” I admitted and he burst out laughing.

“You call that, a death glare?” He said, amused “You’re cute.”

“And you’re annoying,” I replied, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Please,” he said, rolling his eyes and carried on confidently “I’m your favorite teacher.”

“You are not,” I answered “I prefer Mr. Papadakis.”

His name was all that we needed to burst out laughing. Papadakis… Such a funny surname.

“Admit it!” Coach said “I am your favorite teacher.”

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