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The Tables Have Turned

Chapter 9

“Hailey,” Alex called me and I turned around to face him, giving him a questioning look. We were now walking to the sports hall with our clothes in our hands.

“At what time do you want me to tutor you?” He asked, his voice clearly showing the lack of excitement.

“Um I don’t mind. Whenever you like,” I answered, shrugging.

“Okay,” he replied “I’ll be there around five.”

A few moments of silence passed before I answered.

“Thanks, Alex,” I said quietly, avoiding eye contact. I was so bad with eye contact. I can’t look into people’s eyes a lot, it makes me uncomfortable.

“Whatever,” he then replied in a cold voice and quickened his pace so that he was now walking next to the group of girls in front of us.

 I sighed as I quickened my pace as well to walk with Chase and Josh.

“What’s up teddy bear?” Chase asked and I gave him a blanks stare.

“Teddy bear?” I echoed and Josh burst out laughing.

“Yeah!” Chase said, grinning “You’re so adorable! Just like a teddy bear.”

“Er thanks?” I asked uncertainly and he laughed, ruffling my hair. That boy is crazy.

I slapped his hand away and shot him a glare before walking into the girls’ changing rooms.

“You remembered to bring a shirt,” Carson joked when I put on a red tank top under the white see-through sports T-shirt.

“It was hard to forget after last week’s incident,” I said dryly and the girls laughed. Because the weather was unusually warm this week, I brought my sports shorts instead of pants.

I tied my hair up in a ponytail and joined my classmates outside.

“Hi,” I greeted Coach Mathew when I saw him.

“Hey,” he replied casually and his smile turned into a smirk when he noticed that I was wearing a tank top today.

Before I could tell him a sarcastic comment, pairs of hands were wrapped around my arms and legs. I let out a squeaky scream as Chase and Paul carried me. Paul held my legs and Chase held my arms as they lifted me up.

“Put me down!” I screamed at the boys who were now swinging my body from left to right.

They started laughing as I yelled at them.

“Coach!” I said, hoping he would tell them to stop but no such luck. He was actually laughing along with the rest of the class. How responsible, I thought sarcastically.

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