chapter 9: Reaperance of the disappearancee

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I pushed open the door and I raised a brow at the crowd that was forming at the middle of the hallway. I tried to peep to see what's the chaos about especially since class hasn't even begun yet; usually all of them look like zombies in the morning, people are unusually hyper today, but with people who were desperate as me to look at what is happening. They were practically making a human fence.

"What's going on?" I mumbled aloud.

"They're back” Vicky answered me, popping out from behind.

I frowned, “Who is?” 

She slapped her forehead, as if remembering something, "Oh yeah! You were a new student back then and didn't know what happened" 

I only stared at her, silently urging her to continue. After awhile, she did.

"You see. Like a week before you transferred here. 4 students here were missing, like on the very same day. Freaky right?" 

I felt my breath hitched up. My mission. She was talking about the four students that was the reason of me being here. I can't believe I almost forgot about that. 

"I know right?" I breathed. "Totally freaky" I shuddered to add affect. 

Since I still can't see the four that disappeared, I decided to check it out later when people aren't circling them. If I remember correctly, they were Allison Brown, Cecilia Miller, Harley Young  (Ha. Ace and her have the same last name) and Shelly Cruz.

Now that I think about it, I have been slacking off for days now. I’m usually so focused on my missions. I blame the boys for keeping me distracted.


It was lunch time.

Meaning; it was mission time.

Okay I have 1 hour to investigate the four of them. My eyes roamed the crazy noisy cafeteria filled with crazy noisy hormone-driven teenagers. I tried to find their table but then I remembered how they don’t hang out with each other.

Which means; I have to observe them one by one.

Which means; it will makes thing harder.

I sighed. Nothing is easy these days.

You should be wondering as to why I didn’t I called David on this. He knows about the mission since he moved in, in my place and I already told  him  about it. He even asked me himself what he would do. But I told him not to worry about it; instead I would just keep him updated.

It’s not that I don’t want his help… Actually no, I would hate it if he helped. I want to prove to uncle I can manage on my own. Besides, he needs to be with Ace.

First off, I looked for Shelly. She was one of those always causes trouble (according to her permanent record that I stole from the school’s files before). When I spotted her, in the far end of the cafeteria just to my right of where I usually sit. I was surprise; I was never this lucky.

So before I sauntered my way over there, I went to buy my food. It will make things less suspicious and well… I’m hungry. You can’t blame a hungry person to eat, even if that person is on a mission. I settled for a peanut butter sandwich and a small carton of milk.

As I went to sit on my usually sit, I discreetly took glances at her while taking bites on my sandwich. As I observed her, surreptitiously of course, I noticed how pale she was. Her brown hair that ends with a slight wave reached her mid-back. Her hair also had these pink and purple streaks. Her left eye brow was also pierced. Cool.

She was frowning, stabbing her fork at her salad, before she angrily shoved it in to her mouth.