Mikayla's pov ( 15 years old)


" Do you really think i would mate with a fat ugly girl like you!" my mate alex said loud enough that the whole school could hear

" But alex were mates-" i said 

" Your unbelievable mikayla get this through your thick head  NO ONE WILL EVER ACCEPT YOU AS A MATE" he said

"but i love you alex-" i said begging him

"no one loves you and why would they" he said

"so what do you mean" i said 

" i mean im rejecting you as my mate" he said and then walked away

my heart felt like it have been stabbed by a thousand needles and through out the day people have been smirking at me even the humans. As soon as i got home i couldn't help but to cry and the worst thing is my brother jace is there. He's the only family memeber i have left but instead of standing up for me all he was also part of the bullying, the whole pack has been abusing me phsichaly and verbally all these years but i had enough...

" you stupid mutt look what you did not only did you humiliate yourself but you could've ruin my rep" he said

" that's all you think about your rep! what about me huh i have been rejected infront of the whole school, the whole pack was just laughing at me then including you my own brother instead of showing me at least a little sympathy you just stood there just like the rest-" i cried but before i could finish he slapped me 

"don't you dare answer back to me you stupid little mutt!" he said with anger and with that i just ran into my room

i have decided to run away and leave them a note...

3 days later...

jace's pov

3 days later...

it's been 3 days since i saw that over-weighted mutt she locked herself up in her room but i don't care she's just a waste of my time...

" mikayla! mikayla you stupid mutt-" before i could finish 

i saw her wardrobe open and empty, her bed was all neat and tidy like no one has been sleeping in it, her window was open and by the the window there was stone , under it was a note from mikayla

dear brother and former alpha or mate

by the time you read this letter i'll probably be somewhere far away from there but congratiolations! you finally got your wish im finally out of your sight and you'll probably never see me again. I have been putting up with the pack's bullying all these years but getting rejected by my mate is probably the worst thing that happened to me while i was there and although my brother never stood up for me because he was ashamed of me i have always hoped that one day you will stand up for me and will treat me as your sister and not your filthy slave but you never did and i guess this is goodbye

PS: i have done you all a favour since you probably don't want my filthy scent there anymore so i opened my window and it will probably be gone now. But if you ever find me but i guess that's impossible but if you did YOU ARE GUYS NO LONGER MY BROTHER OR MATE your wish has been granted!

with all hate Mikayla Sales 

i quickly called alex as soon as possible since he's the alpha of our pack and he was my sister's mate

Alex's pov

i can't believe it my mate is gone...

' correction my mate is gone you rejected her and hurt her you no longer have the rights to call her as your mate' my wolf said

i ignored him and just went straight to mikayla's room to read the letter and when i got there jace was looking depressed and speechless sitting in mikayla's bed, i wonder why i can't sense her scent anymore

after i finished reading mikayla's letter i quickly scrunched up the paper, angry at myself and regreting that  i rejected my own mate. Finally jace spoke up looking mad



we soon calmed down realizing it was all our fault 

mikayla's pov

i have been running for 3 days and been fighting rouges, stepping into another werewolve's pack territory. I need a break and  I think i found a new place Brooklyn with no wolves, pack, rouges or anything or so i thought... there was 5 werewolves heading towards me  and even though their in their human form i know they were werewolves because of their scent, i was going to run away but they cornered me as i leaned against the tree

" you do know your in our land rouge" the one in the middle asked who im guessing it's their alpha despite the way he was talking to me

"um well sorry because i didn't know there was another pack living here i was just passing by you see and im not really a rouge..." i said kind of terrified since it's 5 against 1 against something bad happens

" if you are not a rouge then which pack are you from"  he asked

"uhm well i ran away from my old pack so im not really there anymore but my old pack is the blue moon pack"  i said 

"so you are a rouge" the one on the right side beside the alpha finally spoke (sorry complicated for me to explain) 

" well yeah" i said

" so why did you run away" the alpha spoke again

" well it's complicated" i said

" we can keep up" they all said at once

i told them everything from the start and how i ended up being here i told them how my parents die when i was twelve and brother and the whole pack hated me from then, the way the whole pack abused me even my brother, the way my alpha rejected me as his mate in front of the whole school then ran away.

Their faces showed me sympathy the one i never got from my pack NEVER which suprised me. But most of all they all hugged me all at once and slowly tears suddenly started pouring down from my face...

" you are welcome to join our pack if you want well if you want to and if alpha agrees"  the twins said hopefully but looking at their alpha

" NO" the alpha said which made me kinda sad and the other four kind of helpless for a second

"you will have to join no matter what cause you are now part of our family" the alpha said then walked away

we were all shocked for a second with our hanging :o but the silence broke when they all hugged me

"yay we have a new sister"  they all said which made me happy and glad because this was the first time i felt wanted and cared for...

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