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waking up to a energetic fur ball

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Kyuubi was sleeping with itachi agian like usuall but something was tickling his nose as he started to let out a soft gowl and rubbed his nose softly before sighing until it returned as he fully woke up to see bright blue, eyes looking at him alone with dark black ones causing him to jump slightly waking up Itachi.

"Good morning" Sasuke says while holding naruto who was wagging his 9 tails "morning....what do you want" Kyuubi asks "Naruto wants you since he feels like he can trust you more" Sasuke replied though slightly grumpy.

Kyuubi's ear twitched as he looked at naruto who was acting like a little kid making grabby hands while his 9 tails wagged.

Kyuubi wasnt gonna be able to say no so he took naruto from sasuke's hands earning a purr from the small blond kitsune than a raven fox ran in the room and climbbed on the bed with the best of his ability's bit also with, a little bit of sasuke's help though the little raven was still scared he snuggled into his brother's belly letting out a small whimper while doing so "your hands seem full this moring" Sasuke teased a little earning a glare from the redhead "shut it and wake your brother up" he says to sasuke who nodded.

Kyuubi's POV

I knew this was gonna be a long day and I wonder what happened to my precious little brothers im gonna have to have a VERY LONG TALK with the uchiha twins im am ticked.

I cant believe my eyes why I saw how they were last night exspceally naruto's cries of terror due to the thunder lightning and darkness aww my poor brothers when I find this person who hurt them Im gonna kill him heck I wouldnt, care if i ended up in jail I still would of killed the guy cause it would of been worth it in the end.

"If your thinking about kill someone dont it's already been taken care of anyway" sasuke says though quiet enough for only me to hear so I looked over at him "wha" I asked "me and Sasukie got a bit over board" sasuke says looking away.

"protective boyfriend" I said while smirking as the young uchiha slightly blushed and started shaking my mate awake from his peaceful slumber while I held my brothers close to me.

"what time is it" Itachi mumbles "time to get up and take me and sasukie home so we can get ready for school cause I bet we have a lot of homework to do" Sasuke says while I smiled at the two.

Menma had snuggled into my stumach as I looked down at him as he was shaking violently so I petted his head he seemed so weak right now what did that person do.

"Sasuke me and you are gonna have a very long talk once you leave your school" I said glaring at him as he sighed and just nodded at me "alright" he says leaving the room though naruto squeaked  "do you want to go with sauske" I asked as my little brohter looked at me with a soft blush but shook his head and hugged my arm.

Itachi kissed my cheek "Im gonna go get ready to leave alright" he says smiling and I smiled back wagging my 9 tails happily "ok"I said backas he soon pet my ears causing me to purr softly as he got out of bed his fluffy tail, wagging lightly so I can tell he's happy but just trying to hid that fact from me ha tails cant lie about your emotions so I can read him like a book hehe that's what I love about him so far yay.

Time skip>

Naruto and Menma were sleeping peacefully on my bed while I had to get dressed cause I have a very important place to go to which is a importan tailed beast meeting that's super important so I cant miss it but I gonna miss my little brother's, so much though it's only gonna be until the unchiha brothers got home and finish there home work aka till night time.

I may be super excited about meeting the other tailed beasts though I feel really bad for them cause :

1. they lost there siblings

2. they have to stay hidden at all costs so they would not get killed themselves though they have decided a plan to actually help them out a but though the only people I know that still have there siblings are hachibi, Ichibi, and Rakubi.

I really need to bring up my gaurd around my brothers before I lose them.

"Naruto Menma I'm sorry to say this but I'm gonna need you two to be with the uchiha brother cause of a very improtant meeting to get to" I said while waking up only to here naruto whimper oh my poor, brothers "I know Im sorry but I really have to" I said picking them up got them dressed and fed them like a proper brother should.

Sasuke's POV

Me and Sasukie were with Gara and Neji thought me and him never got alone well.

Sasukie had to stop me for fighting him agian "so sasuke have you found Naruto and Menma yet" Gara asks "no we didnt but what we did find was a huge stack of homework that we have to do so were gonna be pulling an allnighter" I said with sarcasm and rolling, my eyes "this is gonna be the worse day ever than" Sasukie says as he sighed and whined about all the homework were gonna be doing tonight until we were called to the front office.

Once there I looked at Sasukie who shrugged so we just walked in "you called us up" I asked "yes there's a visiter for the two of you" shizune says before going back to working.

We looked over to see Kyuubi holding Naruto and Menma who were sleeping "I'm glad you two are here now" he says getting up "please take care of them while im out" he asks or more like demanded while smiling happily.


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