I'm In Love With My Stalker

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I'm in Love with My Stalker


It was just a normal Wednesday, well it started off that way anyways. I got out of bed and pulled of my shirt getting ready to shower. I turned to grab my Ipod when a familiar face I had seen at school was staring in my window. Staring at me. My breast just out there for him to see. He smirked. I screamed. He ran off before anything could happen. "Lacey? Are you ok sweetie?" my mother called.

"Yeah mom im fine.."I stambered back.

I ran into my bathroom and got under the blazing hot water. It made me feel safe inside. I tried to forget what had just happened. I couldn't get his face out of my mind. Messy light brown hair and tan skin. A name wouldn't come to me, but I knew I had seen him before.

I got out of the shower, grabbed a towel and walked into my room. Andrew's party was tonight and I had to look amazing. Andrew..why did I just love him so much? I dropped my towel and pulled out my black bra. I turned, and he was back. I was naked and he just starred in awe. I didn't move. I didn't scream. I was paralyzed. He stood there staring and smiling, again. He ducked down and then he was gone. Just like that. There was a sticky note left on my window. I ran over and grabbed it.

"I will still be watching. I will be back, you just won't know it."

Heres part one of my story!

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