EXACTLY Part 14 Carter's POV

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"Macy do you know where Scotty is?" My eyes shone so bright today. My voice was out of whack and full of happiness from being with Scotty again.

"He's backstage getting ready to rehearse the play you guys have been pushing off so long. You realize because of this we are going to be rehearsing from now until 8 tonight?" Macy smiled at me and acted really happy.

"Really?! It's only 6 in the morning though," I complained.

"Don't worry baby. We could go out to eat or you could come watch movies and I could give you massage or something afterwards," Scotty said to me as he walked onto the stage. He looked so handsome in a tuxedo.

"Wait. Why is he in a tuxedo?" I was utterly puzzled with whatever Macy had going on right now.

"You haven't read your script at all have you?" Macy looked a tad bit angry but continued to talk, "He is ready for your dream scene."

"Dream scene?" I questioned. I honestly had no idea what this play was about or what would be going on. Really I hadn't read the script since Macy had given it to me.

"Baby, you haven't even read your script? I read it even though I had baseball. Even with all the time I spent with you I still finished reading it." Scotty jumped off the stage and came and held me.

"I saw your dress," He joked in my ear. I decided to mess with him.

"Oh well thanks. Now our wedding is going to be cursed. We're going to end terribly." I started to fake cry right on cue right then.

"Baby, I'm sorry." He held me close.

"I was kidding. Is it pretty?" I really wanted to know.

"It'd be even more beautiful on my baby." He said as he took my hand. He looked over at Macy who gave him a motion to take me backstage. He helped me get my dress on and watched as the makeup crew did their job. I didn't understand why since it was just one of the millions of rehearsals but Macy had told them she wanted it to be like it would when the play happened.

"WOW!" Macy yelled when I came from in between the curtains.

"WHAT!? Is it bad?" I freaked out because of my self doubt.

"No baby it looks amazing. Look at her smile and jumping up and down." Scotty looked down at me as a smile spread across my face he made my head face the ceiling and kissed me as I smiled wider.

"Guys, do that when I say to. For now get ready to rehearse." Macy stopped jumping and freaking out.

"Starting from the dream part I guess?" Scotty called down to Macy.

"Yeppers." She responded as the lights dimmed and we began.

"Debra can you hear me? I want to marry you my dear. You look so pale; so far away right now my love. What is wrong? Are you okay? Please my love listen to me. Respond to my voice I need to hear your beautiful response." Scotty started to say as his character, Nick.

"Nick, my dear, I have loved you a long time. I will always love you. You are my whole world and I can't believe I had tried to walk away from someone so wonderful who was always there for me," My character spoke back to Nick as I walked towards him.

This sounded a lot like us though. It was really weird. Had Macy written a play about Scotty and I? That would be impossible though with me having met Scotty after she started writing it. What if she had restarted it though?

"Macy." I turned to face her.

"Yeah?" She looked back at me.

"Is this about us?" I pointed at Scotty and then back to myself.

"Sure is." She responded to me as she looked over at Scotty. I didn't understand why a huge smile came upon her face right now. It made no sense. She knew something I didn't.

"What's going on honey?" I asked him as I spun to face him.

"Nothing baby," He looked at Macy and shook his head.

"You know that doesn't make me believe you right?" I looked at him seriously.

"Baby would I lie to you?" He hugged me close.

"Back to rehearsal people!" Macy forced us back on track.

It was only 4 o'clock and I was exhausted. Macy wouldn't allow us that many breaks saying that this play should be perfect or she wouldn't want her name on it. We went through so many love scenes and it was nice but I did not like how Macy seemed to know something about Scotty that I didn't. Maybe they were running around together behind my back. I've heard that guys tend to fall for a girls best friend. I want to cry because this is so bad. However, Macy and Scotty are right there. They have no idea I have them figured out. Rehearsal was over and we all went backstage.

"Why don't you want to know?" Macy questioned Scotty.

"I want it to be the best time. It isn't the best time." Scotty replied.

"Why not?" Macy countered.

"We're so young." He said.

So what? Did the condom break when we... Did he do it with Macy and didn't want to tell me he had cheated and got my best friend pregnant? This was terrible. How could he do this to me?

"You might want to soon though. She seems like she thinks she knows something she doesn't want to know. Maybe she thinks your cheating or something. She ran off the stage pretty quickly." Macy thought out loud.

Like you wouldn't know who he was cheating with.

"I'll find her and tell her as soon as possible." Scotty replied.

"Do it now. She should be in her dressing room," Macy responded and walked away.

I ran to my dressing room and a few minutes later Scotty came in dressed in his normal clothes. He hugged me from behind and

pulled me close.

"Hey baby. I want to ask you something." Scotty turned my chair around to face him and pulled me out of it.

"Yes honey?" I questioned. Kind of afraid of what he was about to say.

"Will you marry me?" He got down on one knee and asked the best life changing question ever. I looked down into his sparkling eyes

and lost my breath.

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