Chapter 6

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"What about that one?" I point to a house directly across from the Help Center that doesn't appear to be in too bad of a condition.

"We'll go check it out," Kyle says, Danny following him inside.

A couple of minutes pass and they haven't come out to reject it yet. Maybe this one will work. And then I hear a thud.

"That can't be good," Liv says.

The guys exit the house through a window and walk through the yard to the road where Liv and I stand.

"What happened?" I ask.

The roof of the house caves in, the structure collapsing.

"The house was literally being held up by a bunch of two by fours," Kyle says. "One got knocked over and then started knocking over others so we got the hell out before that happened with us in it."

"Well, so much for that one," Danny groans.

"We might as well apply for clothes while we're right here," Kyle shrugs. "We can keep looking afterwards."

"Good idea," Liv says.

We cross the street and Kyle hides our bag in a bush. The officials will never help us if they see us with a bag full of stuff. Danny steps in first, a bunch of the officials looking up at the sound of the door opening.

"I can help you," a female official smiles, waving us over to her desk.

"Hi," Danny smirks.

"And you're done," Kyle says, pulling him back by the shoulder.

"We'd like to apply for new clothes," I say.

"The reason?" She asks.

"We were just released from the Childcare Department and our old ones no longer fit," I say.

She lets out a groan and slides a pen and the forms across her desk. I accept them and sit down at a table, filling everything out. It asks for the basics like name, address, age, reason for applying, things like that. Kyle hands me his and I turn them in to the lady.

"We will review your application and if you're approved you'll receive your new clothes in a couple of days," she smiles.

"Is it possible to pick them up?" I ask.

"No, I apologize," she says, getting up and walking away.

"Good thing we didn't have any other questions," Danny rolls his eyes as we leave.

"Why does everyone always leave so quickly?" I complain. "What are they hiding?"

"What aren't they hiding?" Liv groans.

"I hate it here," I say, grabbing the bag from the bushes.

"It'll be okay," Kyle assures me. "And when this is all over, I think we all deserve a vacation."

"I think we deserve it now," I laugh.

"Guys, I think we're being followed," Danny whispers.

"What?" I ask, slightly turning my head.

"Don't look!" He scolds.

"I can be subtle," I say, noticing a man about fifty feet behind us. I watch the hooded figure for a couple seconds before turning my head, not wanting to get caught.

"Who wears jeans and a hoodie in this weather?" I ask.

"Murderers," Liv says.

"Way to be blunt," I roll my eyes.

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