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"How long till we get out?" Mitch asked. The group was currently hiding in a room until the police search died down just enough for everyone to escape at once.

"Maybe an hour. Better get comfy." Avi replied as he turned on his side to lay on head on Alex's thigh.

Mitch saw Kevin sleeping in the corner, Kirstie and Jeremy cuddling for warmth in another corner, and Scott? Well. He was coming down from a rush, Mitch would put it as. Mitch stood from his spot and walked over to crouch down to be eye level with the dark eyed man.

"Scott? Are you OK?" Mitch went to reach a hand out to touch Scott's shoulder but Scott swatted it away and backed farther into the wall.

"D-Dont touch me! I don't want to hurt you!" Scott yelled, alerting the others who turned their heads, even Kevin who had woken up. "I don't want to hurt you."

"Scott, look at me sweetie." Mitch sat down and he pressed his hands to Scott's cheeks, his thumbs rubbing into the skin to calm the blond down just enough to where his eyes lightened in their color. "It's OK. You're not going to hurt me. You don't have to hurt no one anymore. No more killing alright?"

Scott nodded the best he could and he leaned into Mitch's touch. "Cuddle?"

Mitch smiled and he sat next to Scott who laid down and placed his head in Mitch's lap.

"You have nice thighs."Scott whispered as he rubbed his hands over the silky outfit Mitch wore. "I like them."

Mitch smiled at the praise and he ran his fingers into Scott's hair. "Thank you Scotty. I like yours as well."

Scott turned his head to smile up at Match before letting his head drop back down.


It wasn't long until the door was slammed open, startling Mitch into reality. Everyone else stood up and stared at the cop that entered the room. "Don't move!" He had yelled and pointed a gun in the direction where Kevin, Avi, Alex, Jeremy, and Kirstie were sitting.

Mitch was standing behind him, Scott sitting on the floor. He jumped onto the officer's back and brought him to the floor. He yelled in agony as his hands were hit with the butt of the gun but he endured the pain and was soon, brought down.

He was on his back, a hand wrapped around his throat to pin him to the floor. Mitch looked to see the other officer's hand still pointed in everyone else's direction, the gun cocked and ready to fire.

"Scott!" Mitch tried to yell but it came out in coughs.

Scott stayed where he was, the only words in his mind, No more killing, alright?.

"Scott!" Scott turned his head to see Kevin yelling at him. He turned again and saw Mitch's lips turned a light shade of blue as he desperately crawled at the officer's face.

Mitch's face softened and his scratches got weaker.

"Scott, he's hurting Mitch!" Jeremy was next to yell.

The gears in Scott's head finally turned and he noticed Mitch's arms falling to his side. He stood up and used the wall behind him to tackle the officer and shove him into the opposite wall.

Kirstie ran over and she grabbed Mitch's arms, Jeremy following and grabbing Mitch's ankles. The two carried Mitch's limp body to the others where they held him in their arms as they watched Scott beat the actually living shit out of the officer in the room.

Scott stood up and finished the officer with a rough kick to his balls. Both of his hands were covered in blood and he tangled them in his hair to pull at it. He then snapped out if his trance and looked around the room to find Mitch. He ran over and took Mitch in his own arms.

Scott placed his fingers to Mitch's neck and waited for a pulse. When he couldn't find one, he freaked out and went to connect his lips against Mitch's but stopped.

"Scott? What's wrong?" Kevin asked.

Scott scooted away from Mitch's body, Kevin following him. "I don't know how to give CPR. I've never saved someone like that." Scott said softly.

"Scott, that's like the easiest thing to do!" Kevin yelled.

"I never learned it when I was in school, Kevin!"

The two continued to bicker at each other until they heard a loud cough. Scott turned and saw Mitch on his side, attempting to breathe in as much air as possible. Alex was on his knees behind Mitch and he wiped his lips before standing up and pulling his hood over his face. "We should get going."

Scott hurried to drop back beside Mitch. He cupped Mitch's face and placed a long kiss to his temple. "Come on, we have to go." Scott grabbed the back of Mitch's suit and tugged it over his face, making sure he was breathing evenly before helping him stand up.

"Scott. I can't run that fast. Not fast enough." Mitch coughed as his arm was draped over Scott's shoulder and the two made their way out of the room.

"It's OK Mitch. We're going back to the corner store we went to a few days ago, then we're going to your house. The store isn't too far from here alright?" Scott whispered as he tugged his suit over his face and followed everyone out of the door.

He looked down at Mitch who was struggling to keep up, even with Scott's support. He noticed the fingerprint bruises that littered Mitch's neck and he shook his head before tugging the mask over his skin and paying attention to running.

Scott heard a loud rumbling noise followed by a loud siren. The group turned a corner and he saw a gated, garage like door slowly making its way to covering the only exit.

Alex went first, then Kevin, Avi and Jeremy. Kirstie was hesitant but slid under what space was left. Scott knew he could make his way underneath but Mitch didn't have the energy to get himself out.

He looked above the door and saw a glass panel that could slide open, possibly used for officers who were on the look out.


Scott looked in front of him to see Kevin and Alex holding the bottom the gate open as much as they could.

"Mitch, lay on your back." Scott ordered and he started to get on his knees.

"Wait, why?" Mitch questioned but did so anyway, his arms tucked into his chest.

"Trust me. I'll meet you on the other side." Scott replied as he placed his hands on Mitch's shoulders. The silk suit Mitch wore cause Mitch to slide across the floor easily as Scott pushed him roughly.

The gate slammed shut as Kevin and Alex were pushed back by Mitch's body sliding under the gate.

Scott heard heavy footsteps coming his way and he stood up, running to the gate. He jumped from the floor placed his feet on the gate to use it as a trampoline before grabbing onto the pole behind him.  He climbed up the pole and grabbed onto the ledge of the upper level.

Scott pulled himself up and started jogging towards the window.


"He's alright, Mitch. Come on, we don't want to be too close to this." Kevin assured as he and Alex helped Mitch rush away from the gate. 

The sound of glass breaking caught Mitch's attention so he turned around,  seeing Scott flailing out of the upper level windows.  He covered his head as glass sprayed down onto the group. 

Scott landed on his feet and lunged forward to do a barrel roll. He ended back on his feet and ran towards the group, laughing loudly. 

"Let's go y'all.  We have a long trip ahead of us." Scott made sure his mask covered his face before running ahead of the group. 

As they were running, Mitch has caught his breath and ran to catch up to Scott.  He grabbed Scott's hand and linked their fingers together.  He looked up to see Scott staring at him, his white smile showing through the thin mask. 


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