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Jace's p.o.v

I went over to her mom's house.

She has to know what happened.

I knock on the door and step back. Within a few seconds I hear footsteps.

Hey Jace, Lena is not home yet. Haven't you seen her at school?

Uhm, yes Mrs. White I-...I need to speak to you. It's urgent.

Yes sure come in, she says.

As I walk in I see a picture of Lena on the sidetable. Wow how can she be so damn beautiful...

I snap out of my thoughts when Mrs. White asks if I want something to drink.

Could I have a cup of tea please?

On it's way! And she walks to the kitchen.

I walk around the house and everywhere I look I see photo's of Lena with her parents. In fact she only has her mother. Her dad died in a car accident when she was 4. I remember how broken she was when she heard it. But she was a little kid so she did not understand that her dad was really gone. Right now, she doesn't want to talk about it. I accept that.

I sit down on the couch.

I am pretty nervous to tell her that her daughter is kidnapped.

And I couldn't do anything about it.

I wonder why the police hasn't asked me what Lena's name was, or what clothes she was wearing. Because how can they look for someone when they don't know anything about how she looks?

It angerd me that they are never going to find her without a clue.

I panic. Maybe I will never see her again and that person took her abroad.

Here you go Jace. Mrs. White hands me a cup of tea and some cookies.

Thanks Mrs. White. I say politely

So, what do you want to talk about? She sits down on the couch.

Uhm Lena and I had kind of a fight. I sigh.

Oh really? Let me tell you this Jace. when you never argue or fight, your relationship is not healthy.

My heart starts beating faster. Relationship? Oh yeah "friendly"

What was your fight about may I ask?

Uhm I had go yesterday but the battery of my phone was empty. I didn't see her texts and phone calls. She was mad because she thought I ignored her for no reason.

Oh it happens to everyone so don't feel guilty Jace. Oh man, how will she react when I tell her?

That's not what I want to tell you Mrs. White.....

I um we had detention and um.. How do I say this... She was still mad when we went home so I followed her... and um...

Her phone rang.

Give me a second Jace, I'll be right back. She smiled and walked away.

I release my breath. I was on the edge and this was only the beginning...

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