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Oh dear it's been a long time... but I'll finish it.

Lena's p.o.v

Okay so Nick...
I was so curious why the hell he took me here
Please, could you explain me why you brought me to this house?

He clears his throat.

Well darling, the reason why you are here is because of the fact that you are absolutely stunning, aaaand you owe me something.

I was sitting in a chair made of some expensive material.. This house is expensive material...
Literally everywhere were huge things, such as the kitchen that is bigger than my whole living room.

I look up and see him approaching me.
What do I owe him? I don't even know this man

Remember Lena, when you were at the Dawn Night Club?

Uhm, i'm not even allowed to get in there.. not 18 yet. I told him

Because from what I can remember... you were very drunk
I asked you if I could buy you a drink.
You took it and we sat down

We talked the whole night about life, family, friends etc.
We spend hours and hours at the bar

Then, I asked you on a date and you said yes.
We exchanged numbers and your friend took you home.

But you never answered my calls and texts.
Although you promised me it still hurt you did not reply

I've never seen a beautiful girl like you ever before...
There is something about you that fascinates me...

Every word coming out of his mouth hits me.
I don't remember anything of what he is talking about.
Recently I am receiving some unknown calls but that night he is talking about?
I don't know I did that

He comes very close.

You promised me a date Lena. Putting his hands on the back of the chair

His dark voice intimidates me.

So I assume you are going to give it to me?

Uhm... I-I can I just go home please? I ask

What is wrong with this man? Kidnap a girl cause she didn't answer your calls?

I could see his eyes become darker.

You know what Lena? I'm going to make you mine.

wow guys.... you really had to wait so so long for a new chapter! But I'm so excited to actually finish this book and write more! I'm about to change up the theme a little bit so be prepared😊
I know there are some mistakes in my spelling so I'm going to try to get rid of them.
ENJOY X Charlotte

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