Almost the taste of freedom

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The sound of the army helicopters flying over the sky,and I run upstairs to the last level that take me to the roof.
By the time I got to the roof,I jump and yell for a rescue hoping to get out of the city full of zombies, but none of the helicopters turn back,kept going forward.

"You got to be kidding me"
I start to think of a plan

"Okay,I just got to write a list of foods and weapons I have on me,and find a radio, and talk to the commander and give him my army I'd number"

Weapons- combat knife,m16,m4 carbine,g18,and a Japanese war sword on my side of my hips
Foods- slice of pizza, toasts,10 packs of Mr.goodbars,potato chips.

"Okay now I just have to get to the army base that is a few miles away from here" if I kept myself alive in this city of zombies.

I went downstairs to the bottom level of the hotel I was in,and get out of the back exit door that will take me to the alley way.

"Damn stairs"
There is a sport car in the alley parking lot,so I decide to break into the sport car and cut out the wires and connecting them to different wires,and the sound of the car start up.

"A free ticket to get out of here"

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