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My feet scuff on the floor as I wander into my room. Clothes are strewn everywhere but I don't feel like picking it up. I find some jean shorts and put on a simple sky blue t-shirt, then slip on some old worn out shoes. I stash my phone and wallet in my pockets, and of course, bring along my Olympus Evolt camera. I never leave home without it. By home, I mean a decent apartment.

My feet saunter down the halls and to the elevator. Once I reach the bottom, my legs sprint towards my car. I plug in the key and the engine roars to life. It backs out of the parking space and I steadily drive.

Humming along to the radio, I effortlessly drive down the streets and then arrive at the beach. I bring along my camera and hold my shoes in my hands. After all, I don't want to have sand filled shoes.

The soft sand cushions my feet and the slight breeze makes me feel comfortable. I pick a clear spot of sand to sit on and turn my camera on.

This is my favorite camera, especially since it has a strap so I can hang it around my neck.

Families splash water amongst themselves and enjoy the warm feel that the beach offers. This is my most favorite place to come and take pictures due to the simple joys that take place here. Above me, seagulls swoop through the air and I take this moment to take a shot. The picture comes out beautiful, with a row of seagulls each flying with the wind.

For about two hours, I spend my time at the beach and photograph each small memory. In a way that's why I like pictures, because once you take it, it's always there to remember.

My feet pad on the sand and I walk back to my car, when in the corner of my eye, I catch sight of a girl that looks a bit younger than me.

Her beautiful hair flies as she runs and as usual, I can't help the feeling of jealousy run through me. She looks so happy and alive playing around with what looks like her younger siblings. Not to mention she's gorgeous and I want her looks badly. Why can't I look like her?

On the road again, cars cram up next to me and a red Camaro is the closest. Why can't that car be mine? I work my ass off all the time so I think I deserve something nice. If I had a million dollars I could do so much things and buy all the stuff that other people have and I don't.

If I had a million dollars I could get that bag that Daisy had. I wanted it so bad when I saw it, but as usual I can't have it. She also had that iPhone that matched so perfectly with it and I just hate how she has all this stuff and a better job than me and a better car and just everything. But I can't say anything because she's my best friend. Yes, I'm ridiculously jealous of my best friend. But then again, who am I not jealous of?

I park in my usual spot and walk off to the entryway of the building.

"Hello Emery."

"Hey Mr. Waters. How's it been?" I say. Mr. Waters is the buildings manager and he's a great guy with slightly dull jokes. He's always cracking some on me and I always laugh at them. He tends to put a smile on my face all the time.

"Great. The misses is a bit cranky with the pregnancy and all though," He chuckles.

I laugh along. "That's good. I hope she's okay."

"Ya. She's handling it well."

"Okay, well see you tomorrow Mr. Waters. Tell Grace to call me if she ever needs anything," I wave, a smile playing on my lips.

"Will do Emery, bye," He waves back and I walk off to the elevator. Mr. Waters and his wife Grace are practically family to me. They've raised me way better than my parents ever have and they definitely care more too. Ever since I moved here when I was 21 I was relieved to get away from my parents. Now being 23 and living here for about three years I've gotten to know them and they're like the parents I always wish I had, but never did.

I step on the elevator and look at my reflection in the mirrors surrounding it. My brown hair and green eyes show up, but as usual it's not enough for me. There's always someone prettier.


The elevator doors fly open which allows me to walk to my apartment. I slip my key out of my pocket and open the door to my home.

Beep... beep... beep... beep...

What the hell is that? I ignore the beeping and flop onto the couch face first and close me eyes to try and get peace.

Beep... beep... beep... beep...

"Shut up!" I yell, but it comes out muffled. When is the beeping gonna stop? What the hell is it anyway?

Beep... beep... beep... beep...

"Okay what is that noise?!" I groan and get off the couch.

"I will find you noise. Where are you?" I mumble. I follow the beeping noise until I stop at my house phone. "Oh yeah, a message. Forgot about that." I shake my head to myself with a slight smile. I press the button and the message comes up.

Miss Emery Collins, we are here to inform you that you have been chosen to participate in the HHS. Please redial this number for more information.

What? I never signed up for a HHS. What does that even stand for?

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