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On to chapter 7! Thank for all the reviews and follows guys! Please continue them! Oh and sorry I've been gone so long...school is to blame. Anyway, please enjoy! This is my longest chapter ever and I was also struggling on the quote so sorry if it's not my best work!

«·''·.(*·.¸('·.¸*VII. First Date *¸.·')¸.·*).·''·»

Thai's Home

There are ramifications for everything

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There are ramifications for everything. Sell drugs and you get locked up, kill someone and you can get killed yourself, play with someones feeling and you can get caught up yourself. So why do these things anyway when we all know the truth will come to light anyway? Why go along with this when we know someone will be hurt in the process anyway? Why knowingly do all these bad things when we know that we are only really hurting ourselves anyway? Is it because humanity as a whole are irrational organisms with a complex genetic make up.
Or is something wrong with us genetically? Are we programmed to hurt people when we're hurting and hold grudges? Or is it that humans don't know their own worth or purpose? We say we're not animals but on the other hand we're classified mammals.

We know that other animals have a place in the world...outside in the wild and we know flora goes through photosynthesis to provide oxygen for other organisms. We know their both food sources. But what are we here for? We are at the top of the food chain yet our physical skills are inferior to the organisms around us. We are vulnerable to a plethora of diseases, but we are said to have an amazing immune system built with innate and acquired immunity. Unlike other organisms, we are found everywhere. Is it because we live a continuous existence on Earth, not knowing where were really going until we go there ourselves? Are we frustrated with knowing so little that we turn around hurt our own? In the end, we may never know in this lifetime but now you can't say we didn't try.


Everything is going wrong. Yes, I admit it; I kinda like Thai kissing my cheek and she is pretty cool to be around but she is not worth giving up a potential $850.00 for. However, that is the closest we've even got to kissing. I can live with her hating me in the future. It wouldn't matter anyway because after high school we won't see each other again most likely. At the this thought, my stomach starts to churn lightly but I push away the feelings as I get up and get ready for school. When I finish, I grab my bag and head down to my Ferrari.

As I ride to school, I think about how a week has gone by already and I have no idea what to do. I sigh as I grab my books and walk into school and put my books into my locker and stood in the corner of the hall waiting for Thai to walk past me. All of a sudden, I see my friends coming. I feel a sense of dread; I already had a feeling about what they were going to say. They walk over to me laughing and cracking' jokes.

"How's it goin' with the shrew?" Sean asks.

"Yeah, I bet you haven't even kissed her yet! Must less banged her!" Rick speaks.

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