Part 3

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'Where are you?' was his simple text message to her that Friday afternoon. He have keep his distance during the week, he had too, because every time he thought about her proposition his body was in total agreement while his brain couldn't deal with the implications of taking that step with her...

'At home, going to take a bubble bath. Have you decided? You can join me...' A groan escaped his throat as he read Nadine's message. The things she was doing to his brain...

He didn't need that kind of mental image, and not accompanied by that kind of offer. Holy mother of God what was Nadine doing to his male hormones, this was no good, but at least he needed to come clean with her. His brain have won the war, he wasn't going to do it. He will support her decision, but he just couldn't risk their relationship like that, it was the coward is way out, but as he analyzed things he realized he probably wouldn't be satisfy with just one night, he would want more and THEN things will be over for real between them...

'That sounds tempting... But I need to talk to you; can I come to your place?'

'I see... You don't need to come, I understand James... Thanks for at least consider my proposal'

He frowned at her last text and dialed her number. "What do you understand?" asked James as soon as she picked up the phone.

"I know you James, it's not in you to hit around the bushes. I understand and I appreciate that you at least consider accepting my proposal."

A long silence stood between them and he felt like something monumental was changing in their relationship... "I'm sorry Naddie."

"Don't be sorry, at least I hope you will support my decision."

"Of course!" said James hurriedly, very uncharacteristically of him. He was beginning to feel a numb feeling in his chest... It could be the guilt at her disappointed tone over the phone. "What are you going to do now?"

"Preparing for my date." She said calmly as if that statement wasn't out of the ordinary.

"What date?" asked James startled at her statement... 'Date? Who the hell she is going to date?!'

"You know I'm always prepared, Prospect number two will know about my plan today."

He almost crashed his car against the safety rail as he took a curve, for a moment the news made him lost his concentration... "You can't be serious?" asked James as he slowly recovered from his almost encounter with death and Nadine's news. "You already set the date?"

"I can't lose any more time James, so I asked him for dinner this Friday. Just in case..."

"And if I have said yes? What would you have done?"

"I will have cancelled my date and been preparing to receive you... in my bed, but as things stand I will be preparing now for my date." He was so stunned, what have happened to his sweet Naddie.

"I don't recognize this woman I'm talking to, where is my friend? What did you do with Naddie? Naddie come back!!!"

She giggled through the line and it was music to his hears. "Baliw!" she laughed whole heartedly now "James you are already 33 shouldn't you be over that kind of behavior?"

"Never!" he said as he took a turn slowly, trying to control his racing heart as he acknowledge the opportunity that just escaped between his hands... Maybe if he keeps telling himself it was for the best, things will be for the best... And this numb feeling in his chest will stop growing at some point. "At least can I know who is the fortunate soul, who is going to help you in your task of making a baby?"

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