Part 2

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A long time ago...

"Naddie, Nadine, have you seen were I put my Massinger Z..." A 9 year old James stopped dead in his tracks as he walked down Nadine is back yard, watching the most sickening sight ever. His ultimate edition Massinger Z Robot, Collector Edition, his and his father's most precious possession was covered from head to toe in the most horrible pink contraption he have ever seen. It was such a cringe worth it sight, that he felt his heart skipping a beat hoping for the best and expecting the very worst. The moment he watched Nadine pointing some kind of lipstick to the robot's head, he returned to his senses and ran to snatch the thing from her hands. He turned to scold Nadine but the moment he looked at her eyes, he swallowed hard.

She had a way of looking at you with those big brown eyes that could make even the bravest men turn into jelly under her gaze. To mention a few examples her father, his father, even his brothers couldn't say no to her, so how could he hope to be an exception. He was thinking about trying to be the exception for at least one, but his resolution was killed the moment he saw tears running down her cheeks, she didn't cry loudly like other noisy girls that could be very annoying, she didn't need to, just the sight of her sad eyes make you want to make things right just for her.

"Naddie, don't cry, you know I don't like it." he said pleading with the girl as tears keep rolling down her cheeks. "Look, what can I do?! Just don't ask for my robot, I will do anything I promise!" said James hurriedly as he sat beside her in the lawn, in front of what looked like a gathering of teddies and other toys in front of an improvised book platform.

"You promise?" She said as she whipped the tears from her eyes.

He gulped down; he already had an idea of what it was going to be. "Y..Yes" She smiled and his heart stopped, her smile always managed to illuminate her face and make her eyes sparkle in glee. He was doomed. "What do I have to do?"

"Jack broke my doll and I didn't have anyone to marry Mr. Spikes so I thought Mrs. Robot will be a beautiful bride with the right clothes, but then you came and..." Her voice lowered to a sad whisper and he decided it was best to change tactic if he didn't want to end as the bride.

"Ok, why don't we play something else, like cooking... or school... You like to be at school right?"

"I don't want to, I want to play house. Baby Princess needs her mommy and daddy." Here they go again, her eyes were filling with tears and he couldn't take it.

"Naddie don't cry." he said hurriedly as he wiped her tears with the sleeve of his shirt. "What about if we become Baby Princess's parents? You would be her mommy and I her daddy."

She looked doubtfully at first but then she began to blush suddenly, that was weird it have never happened before. "But we can't have a baby if we are not married..." said Nadine looking at him puzzled and blushing a lot more. "Do you want to marry me?"

"What? No!" he began to say but stopped when Nadine began to tear up again. "Sorry, I didn't mean it that way... For the game I will marry you and we can be Baby Princess's parents." He sighed, nothing to do. The things he does for his Massinger Z Ultimate Edition.

She giggled and began to sing as she jumped around "James wants to marry me, James wants to marry me, James wants to marry me..."

He grabbed her by the shoulders to stop her from hurting herself and said "Ok, let's do this." Nadine grabbed her bridal looking princess crown and put it in her head as he took his time getting his robot out of that awful pink garment. They needed a priest so Massinger will fulfill the spot. They kneeled down in the first row and with Massinger and the teddies as their witness they were married in less than 30 seconds, with two simple 'I do'.

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