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THE ICY WATER hit Alice like a swarm of bees, sharp little tingles erupting through her body.

The brunette quickly threw herself above water to take a breath, searching for Steve who was already climbing the side of the huge ship.

Alice rolled her eyes and swam over to the giant beast, quickly climbing up after the captain. The girl huffed in annoyance as she dripped water across the deck, walking towards a guard silently.

In one swift move she slammed her elbow into the mans head, letting him drop to the floor. The brunette and Steve swiftly moved through the shadows, carefully listening for any approaching footsteps.

Soon Natasha popped up beside the two, determination written all over face.

"What about the nurse that lives across the hall from you? She seems kinda nice." The red head asked Steve with a glint of mischief in her eyes.

"Secure the engine room, then find me a date." Steve told her before grabbing Alice's hand and pulling her forward.

"Awe my lil Steve is looking for love." Alice purred teasingly, making the captain give her a pointed look and blush - but of course Alice couldn't see it.

Steve and Alice continued down the long deck, watching each STRIKE Agent get in position. Steve then whispered into his ear piece.

"Natasha, status update?"

Only silence answered and Steve grew impatient, time running out.

"Status, Natasha?"

"Hang on!" The red head replied in a quick breath.

"Engine room secure." She said through the radio a few moments later.

"On my mark. Three. Two. One." Steve said before the STRIKE agents began firing from their posts.

Steve and Alice ran, spotting their target, Batroc, in a nearby room. Steve hurled his shield at the window, causing the glass to shatter on impact. Alice ran and took a superhuman leap, landing into the room just as Batroc ran out the door.

"Steve he's going down the hall -" Alice whispered into her ear piece.

"- Natasha circle back to Rumlow and protect the hostages. Me and Steve got this."

"Natasha?" Alice called again since she got no response.

Suddenly, a kick slammed into Alice's back, causing her to hit the floor with a thud. The brunette snapped her head around to see Batroc with a grim look on his face.

"Steve - I need you." She muttered as she flipped back onto her feet, getting into a fighting stance.

Batroc threw a punch towards Alice's face, but the brunette quickly blocked it with her forearm before grabbing his wrist and twisting him around.

Before she could pin him down, Batroc kicked Alice off, letting her slam into the nearest wall. The assassin let out an angry snarl as she grew angrier.

Suddenly the all too familiar tingling rushed through Alice's body and her breathing became rapid.

Batroc glanced down to the girls hands and noticed soft orange flames dancing across her smooth skin.

Alice threw her hand out, fire launching toward Batroc like a spear. The man moved just in time only to get singed on the shoulder.

"Alice, no!" Steve called as he sped into the room and kicked Batroc to the ground.

"I thought you were more than just a mask." Batroc sneered at Steve from his crumpled form on the ground, keeping an eye on the ticking time bomb that was Alice.

Alice stood still as she watched Butroc like a hawk, trying to keep the fire from exploding from her palms.

"Alice go check the perimeter."

"I'm fine Steve -"

"Perimeter." He demanded, making the brunette run out the door.

Alice hated that Steve treated her like a child - but deep down she knew he had to. Her powers were not in control. She was a failed experiment of HYDRA and there was nothing normal about her.

Her ability to manipulate fire and the ability to dig into people minds - control them. It was overwhelming. Most of the time she blocked out everyone's subconscious but sometimes they were strong - flooding her eardrums with rubbish.

Then when she got too angry, fire would erupt from her palms - channeling all of her anger and grief into those orange flames.

Her control had gotten better - truly. But still she wasn't right. She wished she was - she wished she could do a mission quick and easy like Steve or Tony. But that wasn't an option.

Alice closed her eyes and took a breath, balling her hands into fists - her nails digging into her flesh.

She pushed the thoughts aside and hid in the shadows of the ship, watching for any movement.

She could do this.

A/N: sorry to cut it so short!

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