Chapter 10

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I slept like a baby. The thought of Eli struggling to sleep because he didn't get off helped with that. When I woke up, I stretched, groaning loudly at the relief I felt. I brushed my teeth and headed downstairs to make some breakfast. Opening the fridge, I frowned when I saw that there was no milk.

"Seriously?" I mumbled, my craving for cereal crumbling. I was about to move on to something else, when an idea popped into my head. I could teleport and grab a carton of milk and teleport back before anyone saw me.

With that in mind, I closed my eyes and envisioned the market I went to last night. I felt wind blow against my body and a jolt went through me. I opened my eyes, almost clapping my hands together with glee when I saw that I was in the market.

There weren't many people in the section I was in, so I hurried to the cold section and scanned the fridges, looking for the milk I needed. Since I was lactose intolerant, I only drank soy milk or vanilla almond milk. I wondered for a second if I was even still lactose intolerant now that I was a demon again. Spotting the milk, I decided to get both the soy and the almond.

I bent over, reaching to grab the milk, when suddenly, I felt a presence behind me. "Your ass looks just as great as I remember."  I shot up when I heard Damien's voice, turning around to face him.

His white hair was slicked back and he was wearing a plain black t-shirt and light jeans, both hugging all the right areas. The smirk on his face made me narrow my eyes.

"Of course, it looked better when I was balls deep inside you, all red and spank-able." My jaw fell open at his words and he walked up to me, pressing a hand on the fridge beside my head. "This isn't really shopping attire." He pulled at my long t-shirt, referring to the fact that I was only in that and a thong. "Does Eli know where you are?"

"Eli doesn't control me." I answered, finally finding my voice. Damien's eyes dragged down my body, a flash of lust appearing before it went away. "What do you want, Damien?" I asked, maneuvering around him to grab my milks.

He sucked a corner of his lip into his mouth and raised an eyebrow. "You. But Eli would have my head, so that's out the question."

"You didn't seem to have a problem with that yesterday." I replied and he chuckled, the sound coming from deep in his chest.

"I only did that to unlock what my brother selfishly locked away and since I am the only other living male royal, I had to undo what he did." He picked up a lock of my hair and inhaled deeply, closing his eyes as he took in my scent. "Delicious. Just like your p-"

"Okay, goodbye." I pushed him away and turned to grab the two milks that I wanted.

"I need you to give Eli a message." Damien said, tone suddenly serious. I took a step back, not liking he serious look on his face.

"Why can't you give it to him yourself?" I asked and his signature grin lit up his face before going back to its seriousness.

"I'm busy. Tell him Nadia is coming."


I didn't know who the hell Nadia was, but I didn't dwell on it as I teleported back into the house, sticking the almond milk in the fridge. I poured Captain Crunch into my bowl, followed by the soy milk and grabbed a spoon. I sat on a tall chair that resided behind the island in the middle of the large kitchen.

Humming to myself, I ate my cereal in peace, even getting seconds. Just as I was finishing up my second bowl, Eli walked into the kitchen and my eyebrows shot to the roof. He was wearing a custom suit and my mouth almost started watering at how good he looked.

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