Chapter XVI

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After returning to their common aspect, Wiese remained asleep for a while. Pandora and I wanted to wake them up and demand some explanations, but we knew that they'll need to rest. However, was that the little kid we knew or was it all just a disguise? A part of me wanted to believe in the second option.

We took a few minutes to rest, making sure that there were no shadows around, and while I searched for some food, Pandora resumed her reading. She had advanced a lot since we left the ruins, even more for her normal pace, which meant she was really into that book, and maybe that was for the best. Those last shadows were anything but the ones we were used to.

There were a couple of rabbits I could kill and that will give me enough energy to keep walking for the rest of the day, and a couple of eggs and vegetables that will do for Pandora. When I came back, she was almost done with the book, and Wiese was still sleeping like a rock.

I didn't say a thing, I knew Pandora would hex the hell out of me if I dared to interrupt her reading time, and there were no thoughts on my about repeating the first experience I had, where she turned me into a spider for a whole day. We ate in silence and, with a simple, few words, Pandora, made Wiese fly beside us surrounded by a shield, allowing us to keep walking.

My mind only focused on Wiese's aspect, the way they looked, and their voice, although I wasn't sure about that one; I couldn't remember if they said anything anyway. Pandora, on the other hand, kept reading, with the book floating in front of her. I barely asked about it and she told me that Wiese's mirror will protect us as well, giving us enough time to react, and that was all.

No shadows, no animals, no thieves, no anything, only the three of us walking the path a floating leaf showed us, until its spell ended and the sun was setting. The kid was still sleeping, and we were more than just exhausted of those last days. Before I could say something and insult her and her book, I gave Pandora a simple "Good night" and went to sleep.

That night I had no dreams, only black and silence. Far from disturbing me to find myself in the middle of nothingness, it helped me to rest just the way I needed. I woke up feeling brand new, or almost; sleeping in uneven root wasn't my idea of a comfortable night, but the effect was pretty near.

It surprised me when I saw Pandora starring at the perfect nothing, with the book closed on her side. She smiled at me when she saw me, just as she did after ignoring me because of her witch matters, and I always forgave her; I understood it was all for the best reasons, despite it drove me crazy every single time it happened.

She already prepared some breakfast and we ate in silence, just exchanging a few words, before Wiese woke up. They had an obvious headache, and, apparently, that almost comatose sleeping didn't help them to rest.

"Hi," they mumbled.

"Hello, dear," said Pandora. I looked at her surprised, but she was so relaxed I couldn't say anything. "I guess you don't feel remotely better, do you?" Pandora gave them a piece of bread she was able to make and some eggs.

"Not at all, and I guess I slept all day and night, right?" They asked while looking around before eating. "How did we moved...?" They started, but after watching Pandora's smile, Wiese remembered that she was a witch, smiled back and had the first bite. "Okay, fine, but I still want to know."

"Don't you think you should give us an explanation instead?" I simply said.

"I hoped you would forget about that..."

"Sure we will, but not for today. Why didn't you say you were capable of turning into that?" My questions had been in silence for so long I just wanted to say them aloud, although I took a breathe and tried to remain calm. They was still a kid.

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