"So what are you guys doing tomorrow?" Emma asked as we walked her to her room. It was a little after six. The twins held my hand tightly. I spoke up before they had a chance to.

"Umm, well, we're going to take a little trip." I told her when we got to her door. The twins looked at me with utter confusion.

"To?" they all asked. I didn't want to tell them we were going to my house. I figured I'd do them the way they did me.

  "It's a surprise!" I said teasingly. They tried to read my face, I made sure to keep it expressionless and I cleared my mind. I didn't want any "I think their reading my mind" feelings. That's usually what happened when I was in deep thought. They either said things in my head, or said things aloud, corresponding to the thing in my head. 

  "Well I guess I'll see you guys on Monday, thanks for all the stuff." Emma said. We told her goodnight and headed for my room. 

"Soooo." The twins said a moment later. They were trying to get me to talk. I wasn't telling them anything. I wanted it to be a surprise.

"Soooo." I said back laughing. "Look, I'm not telling you guys anything." I told them with this sure smile. We had stopped in the hallway.

"Really?" they asked. I was standing between them, they had turned to face me. They had these enticing looks on their faces. My breath hitched. Oh how I wanted to drag them to my room and finnish what we started earlier. Well, that was going to happen anyway. I knew they were trying to use their looks to get me to talk but I don't care what they do. I'm not saying anything.

  I ignored the look. And pushed past them. "Not going to work." I said shaking my finger at them. I heard them sigh and the walked on. 


 We neared my room, someone was standing outside my door. They were wearing a black hoodie,  black pants, and black shoes. He looked like he was trying to break into my room. Suddenly Aiden and Jeremiah were standing in front of me. The person must have heard them move and he turned around. I couldn't see him, they blocked my view. 

   "What the fuck are you doing here?" They growled. Who were they talking to? I tried to look around them but they only stepped in my way. My heart stopped when I heard the voice speak.

"Where is Sensual?" Jesse shouted. "Where is she? I need to talk to her!" I held onto the twins to keep my balance. I cant believe he had followed me. I knew he would have in the past but I didn't think he would after meeting the twins. 

"She is not your business." they hissed at him. "She is ours!" I could feel their bodies shaking in anger. 

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