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I stepped out of my bedroom closing the door behind me as quietly and carefully as humanly possible. I carried my shoes in one hand creeping along the thick ribbon of l red carpet on the lengthy marbled hallway floor. I hid behind the tall marble pillar glancing down the grand staircase to check for any of my soulless family amongst some of Mr Clarks 'clients' waiting impatiently on the black leather sofas. All clear, I slipped on my shoes and scampered down the stairs. I smiled brightly at the secretary as I jogged past her just hoping this time she wouldn't bother me. I knew there was no hope.

"Uh-hum" the she coughed indicating me to come back.

Rolled my eyes and I turned swiftly on my heels. What now!

"Miss Clark I h-"

I shuddered "Please don't call me that, my name is Bailey" I told her firmly. I hated that name I hated what it stood for and how I was associated with it, with that business... an illegal business I had no intention of being part of.

"Sorry Miss Cl-Bailey but I have your allowance from your father" she explained holding out a thick white envelope.

Mr Clark always gave me everything I wanted plus huge allowances all to make up for hardly being there. I don't think of him as a father because he doesn't treat me like a daughter I prefer to refer to him as just Mr Clark, never mind the biological details.

"No thank you, I don't want it." She constantly offered it to me every week and I always refused, she didn't seem to get the fact that I didn't want his blood soaked money.

But by now she knew no to argue with me so I just turned away walking out the revolving doors. I ran across the freshly mowed lawn smiling at the 'do NOT step on the grass!' sign to Mr Clark's large garage almost filled with polished classic cars he had collected throughout the years. I spotted my chauffeur Gregory/Greg/G, he was like my granddad even though he was only 32 I loved him like he was my family. He would always cheer me up and bring me treats. He's the only one that knew about Tyler... Gregory spotted me and smiled warmly he wore a smart black suit.

"Hey kiddo" he beamed embracing me in safe arms.

"Hey G" he always calls me kiddo even though I'm 17, but I like it, it makes me feel wanted.

"Ready to go?" he asked almost rhetorically.

I gave a small nod opening the door to the back seat of the shiny black vehicle buckling my seat belt and rolling up the tinted window. Gregory sat in the driver's seat and slipped on his famous black sunglasses. He looked at me in the mirror and grinned I couldn't help but do the same as he began driving, around the large memorial fountain to my mother and out the lengthy black gates. Yes, my mother is dead. The only relatable family member I had is dead. I loved her so much she was so beautiful and kind, she loved Mr Clark and he loved her it was perfect until she got the phone call confirming her terminal cancer. Mr Clark was never the same.

I leaned forward slightly feeling the clenching knot in my stomach these memories always gave me. Modern buildings and designer boutiques swung by not allowing me to focus for too long until the car slowed turning into a smaller part of the busy highstreet where parking was allowed. Gregory parked the car.

"Here you are kid, the train station. Say hello to your boyfriend for me."

"He's not my boyfriend G" I quickly denied unbuckling my seat belt.

"Call me when you need me to come get you, ok kiddo?"

"Sure thing" I said dismissively opening the car door and swinging my legs out onto the pavement "thank you, you know I love you."

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