The Mind Of An Emo

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Daylight calls me Emo, but I say fuck you

Im not something you can label, do I look less than able?

You like to think you know me, that Im something I shouldnt be

You dont know shit, I just stare in your face and spit

Why wont you just leave me alone? Cant you see Im as dead as a garden gnome

I walk along the beach and I see my dreams are hard to reach

Shadows are my best friends, my heart break I cannot mend

Are my tears satisfying? Do you like watching me crying?

You shouldnt stand so proud I see the dark cloud

It hangs above your head and I know Im not completely dead

Your vicious words are like shards of broken glass, always poking and stabbing me wishing it would just pass

Straight through my heart, I want to know if Ive been alive from the start

Choking on my pain lets me know Im sane

Thoughts of mass murder makes me stop and wonder

Am I still human in my suffering? Stop it I cant stand your muttering

If death is my destiny, show me way to infinity

I'll take you with me along for the ride, everyone will know you as the one who lied

I look in your eyes full of fear. I promise you I will be dear

But I too am a liar you know I wont

As you kneel before me begging "Please dont"

The blood runs down the cuts in my arm, its cold and far from warm

I show it to you with a smile, take a good look your lucidness will last for a while

I want to see you screaming, writhering about and bleeding

Just like me you will be broken on the floor, I wont let your soul soar

Grabbing it as it attempts to depart I will tear it apart just like you did to my heart

Life is fun when Im in control, the smile I wear has never been so whole

By: Omen

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