Lost World/Time Travel Voting [voting closed]

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There were so many fantastic entries to our Lost World/Time Travel contest that we can't possibly select a winner on our own.

We need your help!

We've narrowed the list down to fifteen stories and making use of the links below, we need you guys to select our winning entry.

Read through each of those listed stories and comment inline as to which story you think should win!

Only one comment will be counted per users, so vote carefully!

And those fifteen of you awesome enough to have made it this far, congratulations! This is your chance to promote your story by way of shout-outs to your readers, and via social media.

Remember... Whichever story has the most votes at the end of this voting period, wins!

Voting starts now and ends Friday, May 5th.

Good luck!

ShadowMaven's Starfish

JasonBonet's Pangaea - Where Dreams Come True

MisterKnightinArmor's Nerdgia 

NotAWastedWord's Of Cruises and Time

WizardofAlf's Wormhole Misconduct

wackyberry's Under Different Stars

arveliot's Stranger Times

JeffreyVonHauger's Destination Earth

AprilKReeves' The Pangaea Protocol 

DannyFleenor's Black Sand and Ginkgo 

LeahElizabethCannon's Being in the Right Place at all the Right Times 

zlatoluna's Revenge 

TwinComics's The Lost World

SteveJBWO's The Bell

LeonieRR's Surfing The Surge 

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