I Want This Part 4.

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I laid there in the same position trying to slow down my breathing while she traced small circles on my back. I was trying to process everything that happened cause fuck that was amazing. Everything about tonight was just amazing. Her body. Her sweet moans. Her eyes...just everything.

Y/n:"I think we started this trip off well"I said making her giggle. I lifted myself off her and looked at her smiling a little. She pecked my lips and nodded.

Hailey:"I think we did...."She said connecting our lips again. She cupped my face and pulled me closer deepening the kiss making me moan into the kiss.

Y/n:"I love you..."I mumbled between kisses.

Hailey:"I love you to"She said pulling away and smiling at me. She switched our positions and looked at me with a mischievous grin"The night's still young babe"She said connecting our lips again and grinding down on me making me moan.

Y/n:"Fuck.."I moaned out as she started kissing my neck leaving a few marks along the way. I didn't know Hailey had this in her and trust me I'm not complaining. I sat up straight and rested my hands on her ass while she wrapped her around my neck throwing her head back.

Hailey:"Hmm...baby"She moaned out while I took in the sight in front of me. Head thrown back and mouth slightly ajar. Fuck.

I kissed her neck while she moved her hips making moans escape both off our mouths. I could tell she was still drained from earliers events making me switch our positions. I hovered over her and kissed her neck, sucking on her sweet spot.

Hailey:"Baby I'm close"She moaned out making me pull away and look at her. I slowed down my thrusts making her groan a little.

Y/n:"You feel so good babygirl"I moaned in her ear making her moan and dig her nails in my back. I felt her clench around me making it a little hard for me to move"Fuck"I moaned as she started moving her hips with mines matching my thrusts.

Hailey:"Y-yn... Baby"She moaned out as her orgasm hit her making me moan and fasten my thrusts a little as mines was approaching.

Y/n:"Holy....God Hailey"I moaned out as I shoot thick ropes in her making her throw her head back and dig her nails in my back running them down my back making me moan louder.

Hailey:"Don't s-stop"She moaned out as my thrusts slowed down. I kept my pace and kissed her neck as she let out the sweetest moans I've ever heard and the I love you's she mumbled before letting a moan escape.

Y/n:"Come for me baby...I wanna hear scream my name"I said which seemed to set her off when I felt her clench around me.

Hailey:"Oh my god! Y/n"She screamed she she thew her head back and closed her eyes letting out the sweet cries as she came around my member making fasten my pace a little helping her ride out her high. I let my body crash on hers making sure not to hurt her.

Y/n:"I love making love to you"I said kissing her neck sending shivers down her spine. She moaned in response making me move a little and look at her. She had her eyes still closed making me chuckle.

Hailey:"What?"She asked opening them slightly.

Y/n:"I'm that good huh"I said smirking. She blushed but nodded.

Hailey:"Very good...and big to"She said kissing me again. I smiled and kissed back before pulling away and smiling at her. I could tell she was a bit drained from tonights events making me smile a little. Yeah I'm good😈. I pulled out from her making her groan a little making me chuckle.

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