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James had already caused a lot of chaos in my life, and I'm not gonna allow him to interfere in it anymore. Just because my father considers him as a friend, I didn't do anything to him. Every time I thought of taking a step against him, dad stopped me, but not now.

Descending the stairs, I wore my coat and took out my office phone from my pant pocket.

"Carter, I want you to meet me at James Marshall's place in 30 minutes, with all the papers ready. And don't do anything to the company shares" I ordered him.

"Okay sir" he answered, before I ended the call.

The chauffeur opened the car door as I came out of the house and walked towards the car. Sitting inside, I told him about the place I had to go. He nodded, taking his seat behind the wheels and started to drive.

The drive to James Marshall's house is of more than 30 minutes and it's good for me because it will help me in controlling my anger. If I reach there sooner, I think I will chop his head, or better chop each and every part of his body, and throw it at a place no one will ever be able to find, but I don't want to commit a murder.

Caroline won't like it.

I don't even want to imagine how bad he must have treated my Caroline, though she told me how he used to beat her mother and how he used to abuse her after she left, I can't imagine that scenario.

I know and understand the pain of losing your mother and seeing your mother being beaten in front of your eyes, must have been the worst feeling.

James will regret everything he did to my wife, and every bad word he spoke for her. He will be begging me for mercy and I won't show any pity on him because it's about time I show him who he was messing with.

People suffer if they cause any trouble in my business and that fucking good for nothing asshole tried to fuck up my personal life and not just tried, he almost did it. It's payback time now.

Thinking about all the possible things that could happen at his place, I realized what I was about to do was not enough. I'll have to stay clean while doing everything but that fucking bastard, along with his wife and daughter, will definitely try to pull me in some legalities.

Taking out my phone again, I dialed a number that I didn't really want to call but had to. He owns the best security agency in the world, his company can get access to almost all the databases and so he has a better way with the legal procedures.

I clenched my teeth and waited for him to answer the call.

"The great Aaron Woodwords is calling me himself. This is one of the many things I never expect from a man of a higher standard than me" he said repeating my words from earlier, when Caroline made us meet for the first time.

"I want you to work on something" I said in a serious tone. I could have easily insulted him but I'm in no mood for foolery.

"I think you dialed the wrong number. I'm not your employee, Aaron Woodwords" he said, in the same amused tone.

"It's about the bastard James, Dylan VanAssche." That was enough to put an end to his useless comments and make him talk properly.

"What is it?" He asked in a serious tone.

"He'll be filing a petition for bankruptcy soon, he may accuse my company as well and will try sue me too. I want you to take care of the first two things and I'll take care of the suing me part because I don't trust you with it". That is the truth, I know he hates that bastard and will definitely help me but he will never miss such a big opportunity of seeing me behind the bars.

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