making it home on stormy weather

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The twins were done packing as they were really mad at the girls for what they did though Sasuke was furious he didn't want to scare naurto.

But the night got worse as thunder started up causing Naruto whimpered and looked up at Sasuke with scared eyes "don't worry alright" Sasuke says quietly as he hugged Naruto who accepted the comfort.

Sasuke's POV

I remembered Naruto having a fear of thunder and the dark so I try to comfort him as much as possible though he was starting to probably remember bits and pieces from time to time so but I wanted him to trust me fully again, I want to see him smile and have the sudden need to cuddle me or stay by myside when it's dark out I miss my Naruto and I want him back.

Though I guess that's gonna have to wait cause he almost drowned thanks Sakura for making him trust me slightly less and what made it worse as that the storm woke up Sakura and Ino dang it.

"Sasuke-kun" Sakura says hugging my arm though I started growling and glared at her "what do you want" I said harshly "please protect me" she says with a slight whine and that freaking irritates me so much when girls do that.

"Hey Sasuke...what's your real reason for coming out here" Sakura asks as Ino nods in agreement while trying to pet Menma who was trying to stay away from her so Sasukie pushed her away "It was a mission to though I failed it probably or I was tricked" I half lied cause the mission request came from Kyuubi and I already achieved my mission.

"That sound's horrible Sasuke who was the one who tricked you two" Ino asks putting a hand on her hip.

Now I see were there going with this "just some guy but don't worry about it" I lied again though I could tell that Naruto knew I was lying cause he gave me a 'why you lyin' look.

"well that's jus-" Sakura was cut off as there was another loud sound of thunder which ment rain was bound to fall soon so I started running as Naruto hanged on tightly while I returned and hugged him close.

Me and Sasukie managed to find a place to be but the thing is it was hit with lightning which set the house on fire so we kept running.

After hours of running we finally made it to the hidden leaf village though it started raining heavily causing us to become soaking wet but we found a hotel to be in as I pushed the doors opened "oh hello how may I help you "a nice, lady says "Sasuke" someone yelled my name as I turned to see Kyuubi and beside him was Itachi so me and Sasukie ran over to them.

Sakura and Ino were by our sides the whole time thinking that they were allowed to come with us no.

"Hi I'm Sakura" "and I'm Ino" they both intraduced them selves though Kyuubi was about to say something until he saw the frightened faces of naruto and Menma "I'll tell you what happened later" I said slightly as Kyuubi nodded in under, standing as he sighed "I'm sorry I don't have a lot of room in my apartment to house 8 people I can only have 6" Kyuubi says ok that's a lie you can only house 3 so were sharing rooms than.

Sakura and Ino looked at each other "w-we could sleep on the couch" Sakura says making a puppy dog face "I'm sorry girls but I cant I wouldn't be able to stand you two waking up with back pains" Kyuubi, says 'really last time I checked your couch was so comfortable'  I thought  but I wasn't gonna say anything thought I don't trust them any more.

Sakura and Ino lowered there head as they walked back to the front lobby as I watched sakura Ino take out her phone and started to either text or call someone.

Kyuubi took us to his apartment which was the third floor the first door near the elevator to the right.

Once we enter Kyuubi looked at us "alright what happened to my brothers" he asked in a very serious and protective tone "we found out were they were though those girls or maybe I should say stalkers came along with us but we managed to do the task alone, though once we found Naruto and Menma we found out Menma was rapped and Naruto was abused as they both lost there memory I almost killed a man than though girls you met kept messing with these two precious souls but they were almost drowned, by the girls you were oh so nice to but they also tried to mess with them again though I already strictly warned them to back off" I said with a sigh.

Kyuubi nodded but he looked ticked "let me go get you boys some dry clothes" Kyuubi says "I'll go make some soup" Itachi replied as the two went different ways.

I looked at Sasukie "while you were talking to Kyuubi I told Itachi about Ino and Sakura" he says but soon we heard yelling one from the kitchen and another from the back rooms.

But soon another loud clap of thunder that shook the apartment causing all the power to go out as Naruto started to cry and whimper so I hugged his close to me and started to whisper soft nothings in his ear I hope that maybe one day he'd return to my Naru but I'm just gonna have to wait a but longer.

I kissed Naruto on the head as I sat on the floor with Sasukie though we were still both wet and long had discarded out wet shirts and helped Naruto and Menma out there our wet shirts that we gave them to wear.

"alright boys here" Kyuubi says as his eyes were glowing a bright red since it was dark "thank you" I said slightly grabbing the shirts.


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