I couldn't have been anymore right when I said that it was a long forty-eight minutes. Aiden had kept trying to talk to me, but every time he tried he was interrupted by a classmates sh, or the teachers babbling. I couldn't have been anymore thankful when I heard the loud shrill of the school bell signaling lunch. 

I quickly stood up stuff my bag with the books and pencils on my desk, walking out the door as close as I could get to running. 

I slowed down when I enter the sea of high schoolers, some short freshman's scurrying to class, keeping low to stay out of others way and others tall seniors holding their heads so high you'd thing they were fill with helium and air not a brain. 

Not that I doubt that is what is contained in there. 

I soon reached my locker and threw my bag in, books and all.  I was closing my locker when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw sweet little Abigail with her petite, round classes sitting on her nose while a big smile was filling the space below. 

"Hi Julie." her quiet voice murmured, I smiled. 

"Hey Abby! You're coming to practice this afternoon right? I have a new song that I wrote last night that I know will turn out great with you guys." A wide grin spread across her face identical to mine as she nodded her head.

"Yeah I am. Though I came over to ask you, what's wrong with Jason? He's had this thinking slash angry face all day."

I move my eyes to stare at the gum stained tiled floor below my feet. "Um, it's nothing, I think he just didn't get much sleep last night or it's been a bad day."

"Oh, okay. Well I'm heading off to the music room to tune my piano, it's been off lately. Talk to you later." And her small figured turned around down the hall to the music room with her small pig-tales bouncing with every step. 

Abigail, known as Abby, is the piano player in our band Summer Nights. She's shy but really knows how to channel her emotions through song. Guess that's why it works so well for her.

Along with Abby there is Jason the guitar, Dania the bass, and Brian the drums. Our band has an interesting story as it came to be.  Actually, when we started playing together we weren't even friends. Three years ago was when our story began...

The loud banging, crashing and strumming of different instruments were heard before I even walked into the music room. As I came to the ajar door was met with a mess of colors, colors of different  groups, people. People you wouln't even be able to breathe the same air as the others. Jocks, emos, nerds, environmentalists, newscasters, anything you could think of that would be considered wrong in our mixed up world. 

Slowly as I entered the room a loud booming voice sounded from beside me. "Hello class! Please take your seats!"

In the blink of an eye all was quiet and the different colors spread around the room in seats, their instruments or music near them.

The man turned to me, "And you must be our new student Julie, nice to meet you. Take a seat and we will get your music passion sorted out in a minute."

I nodded my head waking towards the only empty seat in the room. Beside it was a boy with dirty blond hair, along with the facial features of a god. His sea blue eyes looked up at me below his long, full eyelashes. The sea was so captivating, bright and vibrant, welcoming in every way. I diverted my gaze away from him and sat down.

"Today class you will getting your first and only assignment for this semester." Groans echoed from each corner of the room. "This assignment is to have a group of five members and you will have to create a song. I will be picking your groups for this assignment and you will perform it on the last week of the semester for a grade." 

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