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BUCKY STARED IN AWE at the friend his own best friend had made. The girl excitedly talking to Steve was absolutely flawless to the soldier.

Her long brown locks ran down her back in soft curls and her lightly tanned skin seemed as smooth as silk. Thick black eyelashes gently kissed her cheeks when she blinked - making her look even more innocent, if it were possible.

Suddenly Steve turned and pointed to Bucky who quickly snapped out of his thoughts - blush rushing to his cheeks as they caught him admiring.

The short brunette shyly followed behind Steve, approaching Bucky who's heart was about to beat right out of his chest.

"Buck, this is Alice. Alice, this is Bucky." Steve said softly to the smiling girl.

Steve still had no idea how he acquired such a pretty friend like her - he was the king of awkward conversations.

Yet, Alice thought he was absolutely adorable. She wanted to pinch his little cheeks. But Alice seemed to shut down completely once her eyes landed on Steve's best friend.

The man in front of her was truly something. He was flawless. His thick cropped brown hair swept to the side, shaping his face even more than the sharp jawline and piercing eyes did already.

"Pleasure to meet you, Bucky." Alice said sweetly after breaking from her embarrassing thoughts.

"Pleasure's all mine, Doll." He grinned softly, before gently taking her small hand in his and pressing a gentle kiss to the back.

Alice and Bucky couldn't seem to stop looking at each other, completely forgetting that Steve was with them.

The blonde let out a fake cough to get his friends back to reality and couldn't help but grin at how the two were looking at each other.

"So, what'r you two doing today?" Bucky asked the two, stealing glances at the blushing Alice.

"Well I was just dragging Steve away from the drafting table yet again. It's like chasing a small child. I was going to take him somewhere to get his mind off of it." She scolded Steve playfully.

"Again, Steve?" Bucky sighed with a small twitch of a smile on his smooth plump lips.

"I -" Steve began but Alice cut him off before he could rant.

"- how about we all go to a movie though? Get our minds off of that?"

"I'd love that." Bucky grinned and gently took Alice by the hand after giving Steve a pointed look.

"Let's go, Doll."

Bucky and Alice had immediately clicked that night, which led to many other nights of long conversations and stolen glances.

Steve was happy for his two friends that seemed to be falling for each other - even though both would deny it, if confronted.

Bucky wasn't one for relationships all that much, he was more of the flirty type - that was, until Alice entered his life.

He seemed to only be able to focus on a certain short, brunette beauty who challenged him in every way.

They had only grown to know each other for a short few weeks but Bucky happily admitted to his best friend that he was falling in love.

And that scared Bucky.

But not in the run for the hills kind of way - the kind of way that makes you giddy about what's to come. The nervousness of it all.

Bucky Barnes was hopelessly in love with Alice Murphy, and he didn't regret it one bit.

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