The slowly growing bond

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Naruto was so scared as he wanted to be back in the bag quickly as he slightly bounced so Sasuke picked him up as Naruto climbed into the were he found safe at while the uchiha looked in the direction the Kitsu came from.

As Sasuke walked that direction the person who popped out of no where was Sakura who shouted boo "whey are you hear" Sasuke growled "to check up on you silly" sakura says happily as she smiled while the Uchiha rolled his eyes and went back to were his brother was.

But soon his bag started to be slightly feel light as he turned his head to see sakura lifting Naruto up from the bad as he was terrified "hey cutie" sakura cooed but got bit by Naruto causing her to drop him but Sasuke caught the blond just in time.

"Sakura" Sasuke growled "I was just curious" Sakura says as she made a innocent look while Sasuke decided to hold Naruto who was shaking violently in his arms not letting go of him.

Making it back to the camp sight he sees Sasukie holding a crying Menma close to him "what is going on" Sasuke yelled slightly though covering naruto's ears so the little fox couldn't hear it "oh hi Sasuke" Ino says with a big smile, "Sasuke we need to leave now" Sasukie says in a very serious tone "alright"

Sasuke says while holding Naruto who was whimpering and shaking as the uchiha took his bag off for a bit to put Naruto in and instead of putting it on his back he put it around his chest so he could keep a close eye on Naruto and Sasukie was doing the same as they began walking.

Ino and Sakura following behind them though Sasuke was beginning to get slightly irritated but stayed calm so he would scare Naruto anymore than he already is.

The twins looked at each other for a bit than started walking away form the girls who followed but after a while it started getting dark out so they called it a night as Sasuke started a fire  so they could see a bit better and so Naruto wouldn't get scared, since dark places wasn't Naruto's thing neither was ghost.

Sasuke leaned against a tree as he sighed while having his book bag close to him though his ears and tail were still hidden from plain sight.

But soon after everyone had fallen asleep Naruto and Menma decided to turn into foxes and curl up in the bags though staying close to the uchiha twins.


Sakura and Ino had opened there eyes after hearing the sound of soft rustling and branches breaking so they decided to investigate since Sasuke and Sasukie were still sleeping though as much as the girls wanted to watch them sleep they had to find out what was going on.

But soon the sound of rustling was going on in the bags so they decided to go into the uchiha's bags only to see foxes instead of the little kids that wanted to be in there they both looked at each other super worried as they grabbed the foxes.

The foxes didn't wake up as they seemed to be heavy sleepers though what the two girls didn't notice was there tails since they took the cubs away worried for there crushes and threw the foxes somewhere in the, middle of the night before leaving quickly and cuddling the uchiha's for the rest of the night.

For Naruto and Menma they woken up slightly to see that they were being carried by someone  but at least it wasn't Sasuke and Sasukie no it was the girls that were with them as they were thrown they both fell into cold water.

What makes things worse was that since they had 9 tails was very difficult to swim properly cause they got in the way.

They both started panicking while trying to stay above water but they couldn't so they started to whimper and cry out for help but no one came.......

After a while

The twin foxes knew they weren't gonna make it but kept trying until they went under.

They were soon saved by someone and brought up to the surface "Sasukie take Menma" Sasuke says as his twin nodded taking the raven kit from his brothers hand.

Sasuke got out the water with Naruto in his arms as he sighed softly as he began to try and see if he was breathing only to find out he wasn't so he used CPR to save the blond and Sasukie was doing the same.

Sasuke's POV

I didn't want Naruto to die on me as I slightly paniced but managed to save his life after about 25pushes to the chest.

My blond fox managed to cough up the water and wake up slightly and looked at me as he whimpered wanting to be picked up which I instantly did and cradled him in my arms while he was shaking violently.

I looked over a Sasukie to see him crying while trying to revolve Menma so I went and helped him out a bit but Menma wouldn't wake up.

"S-Sasuke" Sasukie whimpered as he looked at me with teary eyes and hugged me though I only gave him a side hug cause I was holding Naruto while my tail was pushing down on Menma's chest every 2 second though I was moving it to fast.

Soon the raven fox started coughing and wheezing causing my twin to instantly pick Menma up while wagging his tail happily.

We retreated to the camp and went threw our bags to get out dry clothes and something to dry off with.

I looked at Naruto who allowed me to dry him off and put on a dry shirt which was mine than I got dressed in the spare clothing I had "here kitten" I said taking out my small blanket that Naruto always loved to hug when he was in his small kid form.

To no surprised Naruto grabbed it and hugged it close to him.

I love this fox.....


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