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I wrote this for my one my good friends who i met this year,She ships larry as much as I do. I hope you like it girly BrokenArabella and I hope you readers like it to.Its my third time writingin third person amd writing gay smut.if you dont like this I suggest you dont read it.well enjoy!! Oh ty to hannah for editing the first part. Top harry!

Third person pov:

The sky was gray and dark,rain was bouncing off the rooftop and thunder was rumblimg with lightning lighting up the sky. Harry was getting in bed and sliding under  the duvet over his body.He was ready for bed from a long tiring day of work.As he was almost a sleep he heard a soft knock at the door. He knew it was Louis. As far as he could remember Louis had been always afraid of storms, since he was eight years old. With Louis being 25 you would think he wouldn't be afraid anymore but Harry was wrong Louis was still scared.

"Come in," Harry said, softly.

"Harry, I hate to bother you, but do you think I could sleep in here?" he asks, feeling guilty for disturbing Harry.

"Of course, Lou," Harry says, patting the spot next to him.

Thunder rumbled loudly and Louis ran to the bed amd quickly got under thw duvet, Harry laughing slightly.

"Shut up." Louis says, pouting.

Harry couldn't help but stare at Louis, he thought he was the most beautiful man he has ever seen. Harry has been in love with his best friend for years but never told Louis due to him afraid of Louis not feeling the same.

They both lay back in bed and the thunderstorm was getting worse.Louis whimpered and Harry cuddled him against his body, feeling his warmth.

"It's alright lou I'm here," Harry said, comforting him.

"I'm sorry I'm keeping you up," Louis says, putting his face in the crook of Harry's neck.

"It's fine Lou, you're my best friend, I don't mind," Harry says truthfully.

"Okay," he says.

They continued to talk as the thunderstorm got worse and Harry cuddled Louis closely but the closeness was driving him nuts.His heart was racing and he was having thoughts that he shouldn't be thinking about his best friend.

"Harry are you okay?" Louis askwd concerned.

"Y-yeah I'm okay," He lied.

It was silence and all could be heard was the storm. Louis was getting scared and was moving around agaisnt Harry,which wasn't good because Harry was going to get hard.

"Uh Lou, could you not do that," Harry says, trying not to get hard.

Louis felt Harry's erection and smirked.

"Oh you mean like this," he says and starts wiggling his bum against harrys front.

Harry lets out a soft moan and Louis stops.

"Sorry haz, I shouldn't of done that," Louis says scooting away.

"No, don't it's fine." Harry reassures him.

Louis stayed but still looked guilty.

"Lou, don't feel guilty I just needed you to stop before I lost control," Harry admitted.

"Oh do I turn you on, Haz?" Louis teased, his guiltiness long gone.

Harry blushed "Yes you do lou, and it seems you grinding against me made you hard," Harry points out.

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