The birth of love

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At first it was just a smile. It slowly crept up from your heart. You liked what you saw, and that gave Me a  tingling sensation, running up My spine. I was loving every moment of this story. As you opened your eyes and found yourself within My gaze, you were born into the world I call your home. But it wasn't just the beauty, the bliss, the wonder and the awe that i needed you to see. No, it was much more than that.  It was my, that twinkle in my eye, that I needed you to see within your world today. You see, when you find but a tinny glimpse of My great heat today, you will find forever within every moment, living in your heart. My great mystery, which no one ever understand, is written within this great heart of love. I designed you, to see!

You see My child, I did not just create beauty. Everything I made was not just perfect. No, i went far beyond. Only My very best was good enough for you! You see, you are My child, I love you. As I swept the paint brush of majestic flare through your today, I though of your tongue. Lets make some flavours of delight, to tease your souls delight. But we need variety, we need a sense of diversity. Yes, but it needs to be more than just your pallet that knows the shades within My heart. Rainbows need to color your world today. Lets paint flowers into your dreams, with petals tender soft. Each one needs to be a tinny shadow of the delicate touch that could set your heart ablaze....

....ablaze, I need an echo of the word passion. Nothing needs to be able to compare to its great size. It needs to be warming and caring. But I don't want something heavy and consuming, it must be as graceful as the morning breeze, yet as powerful as love. Ah, yes, this passion needs to light up every new today, with shadows of eternal delight. I want my children to see within its awe, a summery of what i can do within their lives today. I just wish that they could some how see, if only they could find a tiny glimpse of the love I have for them. 

But as this sun sank low through the crimson tides of human love, His heart died in mine. My tears became the blood stained echoes ripping through His soul. Today He cries with a dying voice, My precious child, if only you could see my face, you would understand, that hope was born within who you are to Me. You do not need to live a life of death. The sunshine splendors' wondrous awe can still be found within your new today. If only you could find in me, your life, your world, your all... 

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