Chapter Eleven 

Blade's pov

My fingers twitched as I watched Emerald's still body as she slept on the hospital bed.
My wolf urged me to go ahead and clutch her hand like dear life but I couldn't.
Not with all her family around.
When she fainted in my arms, it was the most terrifying feeling I've ever felt.
Something inside of me triggered and froze in panic. I couldn't seem to move.
Concern twisted within my gut and travelled up my system, transforming more deadly by the second.
Needless to say i was stunned, struck with horror and grief.
My wolf had wanted to lung out and do something but my system was temporarily frozen.
The screaming of other people was the only thing that brought me back to reality.
I forced myself to remain calm and barked orders for someone to call an ambulance.

I forced the people in the ambulance to let me carry her in and ride with her.
The rest of the ride was a blur and I remember holding on to her fragile fingers because it was the only thing keeping me calm and made sure to be careful to not break them.

"Your mate?" the guy had question.

I had swallowed hard and answered," Just a f-friend."

I looked around the room I was currently in.
Her parents sat at the two plastic chairs at corner, with Jason and Annabelle.
Lisa and Jack stood huddled up to the side and Jasmine, Jared and his dad stood by the door.
I felt out of place and awkward but I didn't want to leave.
I couldn't.

The doctor finally came in clutching a useless clipboard.

"Emeralds parents?" he muttered.
They immediately stood up," Yes doctor?"

"She's fine. Nothing life threatening Just a lot of stress. Her wolf couldn't handle it. She's a new shifter and all, she probably gonna wake up any second now. Do you know anything specific that may have caused her stress."

"Well," her mother pursed her lips," Me and my husband had a big fight and he moved out."

"That may be part of it, is there more?"

Everyone remained silent.
I glanced at Jared. Will he say something? That he broke her heart.

I stared at him while he looked at the ground.
He remained quite. 

I looked up at the doctor and just as I was about to speak up, Lisa jumped out," Her and Jared were dating for a couple of years and he found his mate. She was broken hearted. Could that be part of it?"

"How recent?"

"A bit more than a month."

The doctor nodded," Possibly, where is her mate?"

"She doesn't have one," said her dad.
I forced myself not to look down, feeling shame and anger burning in my veins.
She does have a mate! I'm her mate!

"But it says here she's a shifted werewolf."

"Yeah, she did it alone."

The doctors eyes widened," That's almost impossible!"

We all glanced at Emerald as she began to shift around.
Her eyes opened and I felt myself moving closer without a conscious.

Her confused gaze met mines and I almost melted at how beautiful her green eyes were.

"Where am I?"

"You fainted," I said gently, worried that if I spoke a bit louder, it will hurt her.
Her eyes widened," What? Why?"

The doctor stepped forward," Your wolf was under a lot of stress."

She sighed," I'm so weak."

"No your not," I said, without thinking.

Everybody glanced strangely at me and I cleared my throat and stepped back.

"Can everybody leave the room please? I'd like to have a chat with Emerald."

"What? Why? I'm-" I began but quickly shut my mouth and exited with everybody else.

I went around the room, searching for a spot where I can listen but this was a werewolf hospital. They were smart enough to build each wall thickly so no other werewolf can eavesdrop. 

But I soon found the other door for that room and leaned between the cracks to listen.

Emeralds pov 

The doctor stared at me for a moment," Your parents tell me you shifted with no mate."

I swallows loudly and wondered if there was a possible way to tell if I were lying.

"Yes, that's true."

"I didn't ask if it was true or not," his gaze bore into mines suspiciously.

I was taken off guard and realized he was right.

"I-I thought. I mean, you kind of implied-"

"Implied what? That I don't believe you?"

I remained silent, wondering if this counted as harassment.

"Emerald, your wolf is under pressure and stress. A lot of pressure and stress. The result of an overly stressed wolf is depression and slowly your wolf starts to disconnect from you."

"What does that mean?"

"You won't be able to shift after that."

My heart began to beat loudly," D-do i just become human?"

"Not really. You become too depressed and lifeless. You become sort of like a person who's on the verge of dying."

"But I don't die?"

"Not for a long time. You will wish you would just die."

"What can I do to stop it?"

"You have to tell me exactly what's going on. You wolf is weak, and was weak when you shifted considering you weren't exactly healthy because I'm guessing you let yourself go after the break up with Jared, the alpha's son?"

I nodded," That's correct."

"so I find it hard to believe you shifted alone, who helped you."

"My m-mate."

The doctor nodded like he wasn't surprised," and where is he now."

"I don't even know who he is."

That's a lie.

Something inside my body triggered but I avoided it and tried to focus on the doctor but all I saw were his moving lips.

I couldn't hear anything but the drum rhythm of my heart.

Clues. I saw little hints and clues that led to the mystery of who my mate was.

The pleasuring tingles that overwhelmed my body.
The anger and desire. The black wolf.
The green eyes.
And the almost kiss.

I've always known.

I shut my eyes tightly and forced myself not to think about it.
To pretend as if I didn't know.
Its easier that way.

"Do you have any suspects?"


"This must be what's keeping your wolf so stressed. She knows she's got a mate but the fact that she can't be with him is killing her."

"Will it effect my mate too?"

"Yes, soon your mate will also began to feel sick and faint."

"Is there a possibility that he will lose his ability to shift too?"

The doctor shrugged," It's not a possibility Emerald. It's a fact."

I felt a tear stain the corner of my eye," what do I do."

"The only thing you can do. Find out who your mate is and be with him."

Mom and dad helped me into the car and I refused to even acknowledge a confused looking Blade.

My dad pulled back and walked towards him with the alpha.
I couldn't hear what they were saying but from their grateful faces, I'd assume they were thanking him, probably for being there to catch me when I fainted.

But who took me to the hospital? Probably mom and dad.

I watched Blade nod and smile at them from the window and quickly looked away when his eyes drifted to where I was.
Dad entered the car about two minutes later and we drove home.

I went to bed almost immediately. I ran up the stairs, ignoring the slight dizziness of my head and laid on my bed.
I heard the arrival of Jason and Amanda downstairs.

The sound of someone going up the stairs annoyed me.
Deciding I didn't want to talk to anybody, I buried my head under the pillows and pretended to sleep.

The door opened slowly and I heard two pairs of feet nearing the foot of my bed.

"Emy?" said a girls voice. I groaned internally when I realized it was Amanda and Jason.

"Emy, we know you're awake," I heard Jason.
Being the stubborn person I am, I ignored him and made some fake snoring sounds.

"Emerald, you don't even snore! I know you're lying!"

I sighed and figured they wouldn't leave me alone otherwise so I threw my pillow at him and sat up," What! I'm trying to sleep!"

Jason rolled his eyes," I don't want to be here any more than you do but Amanda dragged me here to apologize."

I rolled my eyes and resisted the urge to chuckle sarcastically," For what? For leaving us at the wrong moment? For knowing exactly what's been going on between mom and dad and not helping me through it? Or maybe I'm being selfish but I don't want to lose anymore people after I lost one of the most important person in my life."

Jason remained silent for a moment. Amanda's fake sad eyes looked at me pleadingly," I'm so sorry you've gone through all that alone, if I had known-"

"Oh please. Save it for someone who might actually believe you!-"

"You see Emerald, you just don't get it," Jason roared," We're all trying but you don't appreciate at all! Even after what you did to Amanda, she still comes here and tries to talk to you! Why are you so selfish and jealous!"

"I'm not jealous Jason! She hates me! Ever since we were little-"

"You guys never talked until I mated her! Don't start lying Emerald! You're hopeless!"

He stood up and exited the room, angrily almost tearing the door's hinges off.

Amanda stood up and faced me," Let's pretend the fight never happened and go back to being friends."

She left my room and I shook with anger in my bed.
We were never friends! 

I buried my face in the pillows and heard someone approaching about half an hour later.
I felt hands pulling my face up from the pillows," Stop," I groaned and pried their hands off of my face.
They flipped me over and I saw that it was Jason.

"I thought you left. Scratch that, I hoped you left."

He rolled his eyes," Emerald what's going on."


"Don't think I haven't been noticing how you've been lately. Crying so much, fighting with everybody and now you end up in the hospital! I want the truth."

I sat up further and stared at him,"Fine, the truth is...I've joined an underground women fight club."

He sighed," Dammit Emerald, I'm serious! 

" You have no right Jason, no right to say all those horrible things to me and than barge in here and question
me about my problems! I can deal with it, it's my business, not yours!"

"I'm sorry Emerald, I really am. But what would have you said if you walked in and saw your mate being straddled by your sister who's holding a glass vase ready to smash it into her face?"

I signed and imagined the picture. I guess he was right.

"But you left, you left when you knew dad and mom were fighting. He moved out, did you know that?"

"Im so sorry for letting you deal with it alone, I really am."

"Thats not what gets me so mad. It's the fact that you're so blinded by your love for Amanda that you won't even pause for a second to question who she was before she met you."

"I know emerald, she told me. She said she wasn't liked every much as a kid so she took it out on people most of the time."

"That's an understatement. She took it out on me! I should know! I used to hide everyday in the washroom stalls and cross my fingers that she wouldn't check under the doors for my feet. I'd even get up on the toilet and bend down so my head wouldn't show."

He stood up, clenching his jaw doubtfully," Get some rest," and he exited the room.

Lisa and jack visited three hours later. They sat bouncing everywhere, and talking so much that my ears began to hurt.

"So, what's going on between you and Blade," Lisa questioned.

"Nothing," I answered, sipping on my hot chocolate as an attempt to block out pictures of us almost kissing. 

"Oh please, we're not stupid! He didn't even let the paramedics carry you into the stretcher, he did it himself and growled at them! He didn't even wait for your parents! He just sat on the ambulance with you, and left."

"Whoa whoa whoa, what? Blade took me to the hospital?"

"Well, the ambulance but yeah, he's the only one who rode with you."

"Where were you guys!" I snapped, my legs feeling weak and wobbly.

"He wouldn't give us a chance to do anything! He went crazy."

"So, what is going on with you two?" 

"Honestly, I have no idea."

Lisa gushed," how romantic is it though? Being saved by the enemy!"

Jack laughed and kissed her cheek," You're in love with the idea."

"It wasn't romantic at all, " I began to laugh when I realized how true that was," he beat the guy until he was knocked out."

"Aww! He's so protective!"

"i'm protective," said Jack, staring at her.

She rolled her eyes," But your not an enemy."

He scoffed," You say it like it's a bad thing."

"Do you think that maybe he likes you," said Lisa.

"No way, don't say that Lisa," I snapped.

She giggled," It's romantic."

"No it's not. Besides, he's an enemy. I cant even began to imagine what would happen..." I trailed off.

Saturday rolled around a couple of days later and I managed to avoid Blade in school at all times.
In science, the teacher made us do text book work instead of labs as punishment and I was fine with it because it meant I wouldn't have to talk with Blade.

I still felt tired and dizzy all the time, like I could faint any moment, and I knew that tonight I had to find my mate.

But it was only one pm and I had to do something.
I drove to the mall and decided to look for a job. I need something to keep me busy now that Jason moved out and Jared and I are over.

I searched a lot of places in the mall. A pet shop, some fast food restaurants, even a shoe shop.

At the end, only a bra shop hired me.

"When do you want me to start?" I asked the manager after I filled out my form.

She glanced at the cashier," Would now be good? One of our employees just had an emergency and left."

I nodded," Yeah, sounds good."

"Okay, you can take her spot than. She was on cash duty and changing room."

I figured it would be easy because they were right next to each other.

But later on I found out that it's not.
A twelve year old girl came in asking for a justin bieber bra in size 36 D.

I couldn't help but stars at her flat chest as I answered," We don't have justin bieber bras."

"Okay than, I want that one," she pointed to a zebra print," in 36 D."

"A-are you sure? Do you want smaller?"

She shook her head," I'm sure."

The little girl ended up buying a lip gloss and that's it. I managed to avoid strange situations for about an hour until a mom walked in with her little son.

"Hi, do you need help looking for something," I smiled kindly.
She clicked her gum at me," I want a changing room."

"How many bra's?"

She counted them slowly," three."

I nodded and unlocked a changing room for her.
I watched her son that appeared to be about five or six.
He stared back and I smiled.
Suddenly, he ran into a rack and brought everything down with him.

"Stop, what are you doing!" I screamed and glanced at all the bra's on the floor. I began to pick them all up, wondering where the other worker had gone.

The little boy raced around the store and threw another rack on the floor. 

"Stop! Stupid kid!"

I ran towards him and slipped on a bra, crashing down to the floor.
He laughed and put on a neon link bra, running around like crazy.
I stood up determined to catch the little rat.

"come here you little brat!" 

I chased him around the store, falling multiple times before finally his mom came out," what happened?" she screamed.

My boss came out and eyed the mess," Emerald, can I have a word with you?"

I signed. Great, only three hours into my first real job and I'm getting fired.

My boss did end up firing me and I decided it was for the better because I didn't want to work at a bra store anyway.

I headed home and realized it was only five o'clock.
After a shower, some food and a bit of studying, I looked at the clock again.

Seven thirty-eight.
I guess it was late enough.

I headed up to my room and opened the window.
After jumping out, I walked towards the forest and waited until I was surrounded my trees before shifting.
The familiar feeling of just letting go overwhelmed my body and I felt all the pressure and stress evaporate from my system.
I ran into the darkness and found strange comfort being cornered by so many trees.
The cliff seemed too close and I wanted to ran even more but knowing that I was seconds from seeing my mate lifted my wolfs spirit and I suddenly felt better than I had in days.

I met him by the cliff, wondering how he knew when to meet me every time.
I assumed it was the connection, the same one the led me to him at the cliff the first time.

He ran towards me and rubbed his snout against my neck affectionately, reminding me of how much he missed me.

I smiled slightly and looked even more forward to spending the rest of the night with him.
We ran around like usual and I felt free. I loved to spend the rest of my life just being with him.
It was easy, almost too easy and I soon lost reality and began to live in this pleasuring world.

We chased pink butterfly's and jumped after light flies that glowed a bright yellow.
About two hours later, we heard a howl and signaled that he had to leave.
I nodded and ran the other way. After about five minutes I ran the way he was going, making sure to stay close to the water so it would drift away my scent.
His trail led me to the perimeter that the enemy pack was guarding and I realized he must be from their pack.

He must be an enemy.

I followed his scent further and found myself back at the mansion that Blade was in.
I looked up and saw the balcony he was on with that girl.

I kept walking and realized I entered his backyard.
I hid behind the bushes when I saw all the members of the enemy pack having a pack meeting.
I saw a black wolf, my mate heading towards their human figures and realized that he had to go shift. 
I followed him into the trees and hid.

I had to find out who my mate was.
My heart began to beat.
Hints and clues shot at my brain but I ignored them.
I tried to pretend like their not there.

I didn't see Blade at the meeting? He's the alpha, where was he?

The black wolf is massive and alpha wolfs usually tended to be that big.

Blade is an alpha.

The almost kiss circled around my head and I remembered the connection that led me to his house.
I remembered the pleasure i feel when near him and how I urge for his touch.

I imagined kissing him and being in his embrace-


I screamed mentally and shut my eyes as I waited for my mate to shift.

I didn't want to think about of who it HAD to be.

All those signs surely must have led to this.

It can't be thought, it can't...

And so I opened my eyes and saw my mate there fully dressed and in human form.




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