Chapter Eleven 

Blade's pov

My fingers twitched as I watched Emerald's still body as she slept on the hospital bed.
My wolf urged me to go ahead and clutch her hand like dear life but I couldn't.
Not with all her family around.
When she fainted in my arms, it was the most terrifying feeling I've ever felt.
Something inside of me triggered and froze in panic. I couldn't seem to move.
Concern twisted within my gut and travelled up my system, transforming more deadly by the second.
Needless to say i was stunned, struck with horror and grief.
My wolf had wanted to lung out and do something but my system was temporarily frozen.
The screaming of other people was the only thing that brought me back to reality.
I forced myself to remain calm and barked orders for someone to call an ambulance.

I forced the people in the ambulance to let me carry her in and ride with her.
The rest of the ride was a blur and I remember holding on to her fragile fingers because it was the only thing keeping me calm and made sure to be careful to not break them.

"Your mate?" the guy had question.

I had swallowed hard and answered," Just a f-friend."

I looked around the room I was currently in.
Her parents sat at the two plastic chairs at corner, with Jason and Annabelle.
Lisa and Jack stood huddled up to the side and Jasmine, Jared and his dad stood by the door.
I felt out of place and awkward but I didn't want to leave.
I couldn't.

The doctor finally came in clutching a useless clipboard.

"Emeralds parents?" he muttered.
They immediately stood up," Yes doctor?"

"She's fine. Nothing life threatening Just a lot of stress. Her wolf couldn't handle it. She's a new shifter and all, she probably gonna wake up any second now. Do you know anything specific that may have caused her stress."

"Well," her mother pursed her lips," Me and my husband had a big fight and he moved out."

"That may be part of it, is there more?"

Everyone remained silent.
I glanced at Jared. Will he say something? That he broke her heart.

I stared at him while he looked at the ground.
He remained quite. 

I looked up at the doctor and just as I was about to speak up, Lisa jumped out," Her and Jared were dating for a couple of years and he found his mate. She was broken hearted. Could that be part of it?"

"How recent?"

"A bit more than a month."

The doctor nodded," Possibly, where is her mate?"

"She doesn't have one," said her dad.
I forced myself not to look down, feeling shame and anger burning in my veins.
She does have a mate! I'm her mate!

"But it says here she's a shifted werewolf."

"Yeah, she did it alone."

The doctors eyes widened," That's almost impossible!"

We all glanced at Emerald as she began to shift around.
Her eyes opened and I felt myself moving closer without a conscious.

Her confused gaze met mines and I almost melted at how beautiful her green eyes were.

"Where am I?"

"You fainted," I said gently, worried that if I spoke a bit louder, it will hurt her.
Her eyes widened," What? Why?"

The doctor stepped forward," Your wolf was under a lot of stress."