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Authors Note

I am VERY Sorry for the VERY late update for the Last chapter. I was gonna update last week but a lot happened. I had prom on Saturday,  the school administration wouldn't let my date in cuz of stuff he had done in the past and they don't like him. 😡

And some people are questioning me to see if I ACTUALLY had a "Date." Like what?! Like 10 ppl knew who my date was, I'm surprised they hadn't said anything yet.

So a So-Called friend of mine was also very rude about it saying, "What happened to your prom date? I don't think you really ever had one, cuz you really can't get a guy anyway." 

They really pissed me off. Like how can you say that, especially to your friend, I felt like saying something back, but I know he wants a reaction out of me. 😡 🙄

Now let's talk about the last chapter specifically Alec. I almost forgot about him. 😂 if I had then there really would have been no point to continue this. 😂 thank you brain for remembering the possessive Vultori Guard 🙏

I will try my best to update for the next chapter, feel free to comment suggestions. 

Sorry for the rant, just had to get all my emotions out. And I really feel like doing a Author Q&A. Feel free to ask and I'll answer.
And don't forget to comment suggestions for the next chapter. 😁
Again Sorry for the late update and the rant.

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