Part 12~ That sweet moment...

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______'s P.O.V.

"I-I'm okay." I tried to stand up again but still fell. He picked me up bridal style and sat me on the toilet. I was amazed by how much strength he had left. "______... I know this is a bit sudden but could you maybe be my matesprit?" I looked at him with tired eyes. "Karkat..." His eyes widened, "I'll think about it." Then they turned into anger. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'LL THINK ABOUT IT?! I JUST FUCKED YOU SO WHY WOULD YOU HAVE TO THINK?!" I just stared at him like a doll. I didn't hear anything after 'fucked'. I slowly fell asleep, not knowing I was.

Karkat's P.O.V.

Okay, I just got done fucking ______ and I ask her to be my matesprit and guess what she says, "I'll think about it." I mean, I know she was tired and all but she still could've said yes or no. I stared at her for awhile. Is she asleep? I asked myself. I put my hand on her cheek and rubbed it with my thumb. She is. I answered. I put her underwear and shorts on her and unlocked the door then took her back to her room. Sollux and Gamzee aren't here... I guess they're in the living room or kitchen. I layed her down and covered her with the blankets. "Have a nice nap." I whispered into her ear and I kissed her cheek and went out of the room to find those two.

~Nyawww a sweet moment with Karkat. How cute. Sorry so short. I was just trying to upload something for you all. This also will switch back to you P.O.V. after this so yeah... don't expect to have a chapter with just Karkles' P.O.V.~

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